Be Careful What You Ask For

Back in August, I wrote:

This is what it means to have friends. You attack one, you attack us all. The enemies you have made…are EVERYWHERE.

Then, just last month, after filing a second petition for a Peace Order (a CHICKENSHIT remedy, he calls it, now that he has CHICKENED OUT on both of them), he summed up his post announcing that filing with this oft-repeated bit of false bravado:

See? You wanted to fuck, Patrick. So? Let’s fuck.

I guess he did not take the lesson to heart about attacking people with friends. Which is sort of strange for all of his past braggadocio about going to peoples’ houses backed up by his brothers to beat people up that he wasn’t sure he could take man to man (or was it “fed to fed?” *snerk*).

In any case it sure looks like someone on the side of Team Lickspittle has had some fun at his expense. It was as exquisitely hilarious as it was vulgar and tasteless. I wish I knew who did it; I’d find a liquor store near them and send a gift card. It was both inspired and inspiring.

And hopefully, this time the lesson will stick: if you ask someone if they want to fuck, don’t be so stunned when the answer is an unexpected and surprising “YES” from a shocking direction.


"Oh, I'll Take 'PLAGIARISTS' For All the Money in the World, Alex!"



Thank God I have no friends online. Friends who know how to return a favor. Friends who trust me to help them PUNK a brother, and who will help do it again a couple months later.

Strike two. Loser. Only 6.85 Billion less 2 to go.

Your number…I HAZ IT!