For teh EPIC Monkeydancing Dick Stomp You Perpetrated Today


An Email To…the FEDS!!

The Lord of the Monkeydance sent me the email which appears after the jump. Other recipients include:

– Wayne Kirwan
– Dario Broccolino
– Raymond Trodden
– Jim Marshall
– Judge Hollander
– Howard County Police Liaison
– Someone in Carroll County
– Kenneth Grote

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The Demented Freak Forgets His Place


Oh, William💩…

Poor, poor William💩…

Are you💩 finding that being left alone does not suit you💩?

Because we can always do something about that…


…and just to be clear? This is me being nice.

Now be a good freak and go back to being left alone. There’s a lad.


STOP CONTACTING ME, @mayberryville!

Screencaps are forever:

Links disappear sometimes:

If you don’t want someone to contact you, don’t contact him.

Shorter: “Don’t start nuthin’, won’t be nuthin’.”

Learn to think around a corner, dumbass.