Who Is “They,” DUMBFUCK?


Who are “THEY?” Democrats?

Who are “THEY?” Idiots?

Or are “THEY” just people like you? You know, these guys:

Somehow, though…I don’t think this is what RACIST Bill Schmalfeldt is referring to when he uses the word “they.”

I think if Bill Schmalfeldt thought he wouldn’t be kicked out of #TheResistance by Inflat-a-skank, he would be using the word “they” and the phrase “brown people” a lot closer together than he currently does.

Because if there is one thing we know about Bill Schmalfeldt, it’s that he is obsessed with poop…

If there are two things we know about Bill Schmalfeldt,  they are that he is obsessed with poop and he likes to fake illnesses for sympathy.

Damn! If there are four things –


– THREE THINGS we know about Bill Schmalfeldt, we know he is obsessed with poop, he fakes illnesses for sympathy and his lawsuits end up like skunks in the road- stinking and dead halfway to completion.

CHRIST!!! If there are FOUR THINGS (see? I told you it was four!) that we know about Bill Schmalfeldt, he’s obsessed with poop, he fakes illnesses, his lawuits stink and he projects the guilt for his own behaviors onto his enemies.


If You Say So

Has picked up 12 restraining orders from states all over America for cyberstalking and harassment…

Gets banned from DailyKos for writing about anal rape and then insulting the “normal” progressives who tell him it’s not funny…

Writes about rolling his own poop into little balls and sniffing it…

Confesses to crapping his pants more than once…

Quits driving due to “Parkinson’s disease,” later gets a WI drivers license, buys a car, moves himself to Iowa, opens a GoFundMe seeking to take a fifty state road trip, then makes several 1000 mike trips to and from South Carolina to chase easy, desperate poontang…

Files EIGHT FEDERAL LAWSUITS for butthurt because people like me tell the truth about him, and loses every one…

Usually a lying, sexist, racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic shit sniffing, cyberstalking, cyberharassing vexatious litigant and con man DUMBFUCK with no conscience DUCK.

Real marriage material.

But you do you.

I’ll just sit back and let the pointage, laughery and mockification flow.


Why Am I Not Surprised?

If you want to see pervert Bill Schmalfeldt participating in the sexualization of an African- American toddler, just visit his Twitter timeline to see his most recent retweet:


Or, don’t. You don’t need to see that crap.  Just take my word for it.


Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

The projection is strong in you, young 8 time FAILSUIT LOSER. You’re gonna take wives, cars and houses! But you can’t even hold on to your own.

I’m still waiting for the cops to pick me up, you loudmouth idiot.

I saw a story recently about a guy with a 9 cm diameter air pocket where his brain is supposed to be – how did you manage to convince them not to identify you?

Maybe I’ll have to plan a little golf getaway to Myrtle Beach next month. any other Zombie duffers want to join me?

Good thing you’re in Albuquerque, amirite?


But Bill Schmalfeldt Is Totally NOT A RACIST

How are YOU expecting the President to misspell “Niger,” DUMBFUCK?