Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

The projection is strong in you, young 8 time FAILSUIT LOSER. You’re gonna take wives, cars and houses! But you can’t even hold on to your own.

I’m still waiting for the cops to pick me up, you loudmouth idiot.

I saw a story recently about a guy with a 9 cm diameter air pocket where his brain is supposed to be – how did you manage to convince them not to identify you?

Maybe I’ll have to plan a little golf getaway to Myrtle Beach next month. any other Zombie duffers want to join me?

Good thing you’re in Albuquerque, amirite?


Yes, DUMBFUCK, There Is Ample Proof

  1. You have not denied that you moved, only demanded proof that is not required.
  2. Perhaps you missed the posted clock running on your deadline to disprove t what our anonymous sources told us before we simply assumed it was true, but that has never made a difference to you when you were the one demanding answers and making unfounded assumptions.

There was a clock, and you missed your deadline.  Our assumptions are therefore proved correct and accurate.



P.S. When you do file your change of address notification with the court, your lie of omission will be laid bare for the world.  Just like all the rest.



My New Little Birds in Iowa, Tony & Brent

So after collecting information from the little birds in Maryland and Wisconsin over the last couple of years, I heard from a couple new little birds in Iowa while doing some elementary legwork from my hotel bed here in Westminster (I’m told this is the cutting edge technique of ALL THE BEST journimalists nowadays). I sent a couple emails and got in contact with a couple of Iowans named Tony and Brent.

They own a company that owns some houses in Clinton, Iowa.  I asked them if my information was correct, and did they own a particular house at a particular address.  They told me they do.

I asked them if they knew anything about the fellow who rented the particular house for about three months earlier this year.  They told me they did.  They have engaged a management company to handle the rental, but this was one of those memorable stories that gets passed around over beverages and burgers at Hook’s Pub.  Now there are legal issues of confidentiality and privacy to consider here, but you’ll noticed I have not mentioned any names yet.

And…well…let’s just say that Someone Who Shall Not Be Named But Digs Him Some South Carolina Inflataskank has now been unceremoniously and forcibly ejected from three consecutive residences in three different states.

UPDATE: I also learned that when the cleaning/staging crew arrived to reset the house for showing, a deceased cat was found in a bathtub.  Given some of the comments that were made on a certain podcast yesterday, I think we can reasonably deduce why there is only one cat on that podcast. No dogs were found, so we can neither deduce that a dog was abandoned nor can we deduce that one was killed.  With sadness, one hopes for the former.