Was It Something I Said?

TL;DR – No.

I thought radio professional extraordinaire Bill Schmalfeldt was all set to kick off as a morning show producer at WTKN 94.5 in Murrels Inlet/Myrtle Beach this morning.

But at least while I was listening, he was nowhere to be heard!

Whether he was not actually there or if he was there but not allowed to speak on air, is still a matter of some discussion.

But it does appear from the timeline described in his Facebook bio, that the job fell through:

Clearly employed. Or lying.

Uh-oh…could something unpleasant, like a detailed background check, be afoot?

Could it be the good folks at the Grand Strand’s Conservative Alternative discovered his terabytes of liberal ranting? “Sorry Bill, I just don’t think you’re going to be a good fit with what we’re trying to do here. (Plus you smell weird.)”

You know what’s strange though? If – and I want to emphasize IF, because I certainly cannot prove that Bill was kicked to the curb, I can only demonstrate that a reasonable person could reach such a conclusion based on the available evidence – anyway, if DUMBFUCK got canned again on or about April 23rd, then the email I sent them was at least five days too late, and had no effect whatever on the decision.

Or I’m lying.

So…back to the endless job hunt?

This April 29 update supports the notion that job hunting has resumed.

Why, oh why does Bill Schmalfeldt have so much trouble holding a job? I wonder if he has re-thought his feelings about proudly putting his name on everything he writes?

Probably not.

Two pieces of advice, my man:

  1. When they say “Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” they are serious. You have no power. They will not call you back to tell you they’ve decided to go in a different direction. Nowadays, you just didn’t get the job…until someone calls to tell you otherwise. We have better things to do.
  2. When choosing between two equally unskilled candidates willing to do shit work for pennies, they will always choose the one who knows nothing and can be molded over the one who says “that’s not how we did it in my day!” like a shit-covered parrot.


All those paralyzed by shock, raise your hand!

Back to @ThePortlyPundit. The tea leaves indicate that Amtrak will soon re-enter his life, and Monty will depart.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Was It Something I Said?”

  1. WOW!

    Paraphrase: "I'm just gonna' throw all this against the wall for LOLSuit VIII and if anything sticks, then good- And if not, well, I'll just live out my last golden years with the love of my life in contentment."

    Karma's a bitch. Or so I'm told.

      1. I’m not so sure about that...but I would definitely say he hasn’t admitted it publicly.

  2. I wonder what this does to the wedding and dental plans he had?

    1. Bill actually following through on marrying "it" AND fixing the teeth as promised .

      That's probably the funniest thing a Lickspittle has ever written .

      Well done Sir.


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