Looks Like Someone Is Grounded!

I notice that certified whackadoodle Guymon Radio Guy Bill Schmalfeldt, oops! – I mean, Mathews hasn’t tweeted since October 15th.

I wonder if this gentle swipe at a syndicated host on his station:

pissed off the boss?

Makes you think maybe – just maybe – ol’ DUMBFUCK no longer has the personal freedom to tell his bosses to piss off when they tell him to shut the fuck up about politics.

Maybe – just maybe – he never did.

Maybe – just maybe – he didn’t actually quit with zero notice back in Iowa last year.

Maybe – just maybe – he’s a fucking liar.

Oh, and one more thing. This line from his tweet:

Leave me out of this “we” because he doesn’t talk like I do, or like most thinking people.

I’ll bet I’m not the only one who thinks “people who talk like Bill Schmalfeldt” and “most thinking people” are circles that don’t touch on a Venn diagram.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Looks Like Someone Is Grounded!”

  1. Potential bonus LUTZ: If Dumbfuck is in Florida, we will redefine "Florida Man" stories with his new antics.

      1. I re-wrote his bio. I've whipped up a one-pager doc appropriate for a full-page newspaper ad; rates were doable in Guymon.

        What I didn't have was a cut-out email address so I could correspond with the Guymon Herald. I know how to do that but haven't taken the time. And I was researching how to insure meta-data was scrubbed from a JPEG file. I was conscious I'd have to ask the Herald to take cash (in a envelope). Payment is going to be a problem. I suspected they'd decline to run my ad because of 'standards'. Or something.

        I don't know how to insert a image into the comment stream on TMZ; something else to research. Was worried about resolution for a JPEG file here in the comments. I needed all of you'se guys input; I think my work could be improved and was looking forward to your suggestions once you saw my work.

        But anywho. And. Also. It inconveniences me greatly that Krendler doesn't have a email address (published).

        Oh well. As that guy on radio says (no, not OUR Idiot), "Upward and onward." The most deeply cool thing about computers is that they allow editing REVISIONS fairly easily.


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