And, As Usual

…your opinion isn’t worth the toilet paper it’s smeared on.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “And, As Usual”

  1. Cut him some slack! He's has to nut-shuffle across the street to go from home to work each day, had his fake name show changed to ditch his fake name, and has to figure out how to off his next two pets without offending his coworker that gave them to him. It's a hard knock life for Dumbfuck.

    1. He has new pets? Cats or dogs? Asking for a friend, who may work at the local Chinese place...

      1. Two cats named Thor and Loki. No word yet if they behave like the mythical brothers in the Balloon Bitch’s cartoon collection.

  2. He couldn't make an informed opinion if someone wrote it for him. Dear Lord, how does that man even know how to wipe his own ass? Oh yeah, he always smells of feces.

  3. I wonder if they know how stupid and mental they look.

    1. You DID notice she persists with a hair color more appropriate for a 14-year old Emo teen.

      Just trying to fit in my ass.

  4. The Casey's, the little old lady from Washington, the police chief, Vinny, etc would beg to differ since DUMBFUCK tried to ruin their lives and/or get them fired AND HE HAD THE WRONG PROPLE.

    Maybe sit this one out you turd sniffing stolen valor ass wipe.

  5. Would one of you please post the picture of Bill holding the AR-15? The one I found on google images is not optimal.


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