If You Say So

Has picked up 12 restraining orders from states all over America for cyberstalking and harassment…

Gets banned from DailyKos for writing about anal rape and then insulting the “normal” progressives who tell him it’s not funny…

Writes about rolling his own poop into little balls and sniffing it…

Confesses to crapping his pants more than once…

Quits driving due to “Parkinson’s disease,” later gets a WI drivers license, buys a car, moves himself to Iowa, opens a GoFundMe seeking to take a fifty state road trip, then makes several 1000 mike trips to and from South Carolina to chase easy, desperate poontang…

Files EIGHT FEDERAL LAWSUITS for butthurt because people like me tell the truth about him, and loses every one…

Usually a lying, sexist, racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic shit sniffing, cyberstalking, cyberharassing vexatious litigant and con man DUMBFUCK with no conscience DUCK.

Real marriage material.

But you do you.

I’ll just sit back and let the pointage, laughery and mockification flow.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “If You Say So”

  1. "Usually a lying, sexist, racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic shit sniffing, cyberstalking, cyberharassing vexatious litigant and con man DUMBFUCK with no conscience DUCK."

    At first I thought you forgot 'grifting' but now I see 'con man'.


    1. beg to differ. Con man or grifter suggests skill, technique, patter, a certain smoothness.
      They're very definition lies in fooling people. He's never fooled anyone (with two neurons to rub).
      He's just a gross bullshitter.

      1. I'm sure he didn't fool the gubbmint and SS. They just bought him off cheap. Well, cheap for them. I hate any of my tax money (even one-billionth of it) going to the Fat Faker.

  2. The old Inflate-A-Boy probably believes everything out of Deb Frisch's mouth too.

    BTW, where's Onyx?

  3. If she believes he is either a good candidate for marriage, or that he's going to marry her without financial inducements...poor pinky.

    Photo, train.

    Where is Onyx?

  4. I don’t know who is more fucked in the head....Schmalballz, or this fucking....whatever it is.

    1. Every pot has its lid.

      These two are a match made in Bedlam. But I wonder if some of the stompy-foot is from xer being told that certain things can't happen because of all the people who "stalk" him.... Convenient excuses are convenient.

  5. At minimum the duck is going to have to explain to his new employer why he lied on his employment application. Likely he's already had to do this.

    Seems like this obfuscation would complicate Schmalfeldt's banking too.

  6. Sometimes (most of the time) I work a problem backwards in order to understand secondary or, even, tertiary effects.

    Months ago I decided Schmalfeldts best option was to change his name. Didn't mention it because I didn't want to educate the monkey. Best way would be to change his name legally but I bet there's money and effort involved there. Time too. I mean, hell, if Brett Kimberlin hasn't done it after all these years... Must be equally problematic for Bill Schmalfeldt.

    So tonight I was kinda' thinking about the banking angle. And it occurred to me-

    Our boy is likely running around with fake ID.

    Oh what a tangled web...

    1. Do I think it's dumb enough to run around with fake ID? Most definitely. Do I think it's actually running around with fake ID? Probably not, that takes effort and it takes no effort to assume a pseudonym online or on air.


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