Hmm…Let Me Think About That…

So this appeared on Facebook:

And do we remember the Bill Schmalfeldt Rule?

Yes we do.

If Bill Schmalfeldt makes a demand, what do we do?

Deny him what he wants. To be more particular and specific:

This is going out to any of the DUMBFUCKS or their inflatable John Denver lookalike boyfriends who have been stalking, harassing, contacting employers, faildoxing, collecting restraining orders, producing defamatory podcasts, filing pathetic federal lawsuits, calling out drunken “Fhlurk Mnoo, Krambtlor!” on YouTube and otherwise giving my friends grief over the past six years: The time for warnings passed long ago. You could have gone away when I was feeling charitable, but nevertheless (one word), you persisted. You could have been free, but you thought the price was too high, and your foolish pride kept you stuck. You stepped into wet cement, and waited too long to try to get out. Now you’re stuck. You can still get out, but the cost is even higher now.

Not my fucking problem.

Don’t blame us because of your desperation and bad taste in men. We gave you so many chances to get free. All that was necessary was for you to follow the Golden Rule. You want to be left alone? Extend the same courtesy. You couldn’t do it. Oh, by all means *bring* the authorities into it.  That path has been trod many times.

The stalking. Now. The harassment. It stops. Or I will make it stop. The harassing. Now. Stalking. The. Stops. Now. It. Stops. With. Creamy. Mayonnaise. And Footlongs. Delicious. Stalking. Calling Employers. Doxing. Or I will stop it for you. With Cub Scouts. And fingernails reeking of poo.

Boy that brings back memories! Did DUMBFUCK write that bit?

You either have a strange definition of “nothing,” or you’ve been conned into ignoring history by the lies of the High Plains Grifter. 12 restraining orders and ALL because of LIES! LIES! LIES!! Right.

Actions have consequences. Your badass boyfriend finally seems to have figured out just how much more he bit off than he can chew. *Your* Lard of Satire has been tossing shit around since long before I came on the scene. *Your* Shit-Obsessed Whackadoodle boyfriend has been harassing online for more than a decades, ignoring dozens of crystal clear signs that he would die on this hill (metaphorically).

If the two of you are not enjoying the flavor of the hash that your twisted nutshuffling sand-filled pussy of a significant other has been serving, well…there’s a word for it.

It’s spelled K-A-R-M-A.

And it’s pronounced HA HA HA HA HA.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Hmm…Let Me Think About That…”

  1. Maybe she needs to be introduced to the real bill schmalfeldt AKA bill mathew.

  2. In honour of Trans Awareness Week...

  3. You've insulted the rotting snaggletoothed fuggly inflataskank. Will "Bill Mathews" ignore this insult? Or will the victim-slut "Bill Mathews" pretend to come to zer defense and then hide under the porch in a puddle of fear pee?

  4. The sense of entitlement, the attitude that those two pieces of flotsam get to do whatever they want, but the converse will have consequences, ah .... that's just the cutest little act.

    As for "Matthews", good lord he gets dumber by the week.

  5. It's so funny when they get all tough and indignant and full of "rightous" anger...

    Both of you can go fuck yourselves with live piranhas. You ain't scary... you ain't intimidating... and you don't dictate to anybody a fucking thing.

    Got that, inflataho? Pack fucking sand.

  6. She does realize that it was her boyfriend who tried to bring in the "authorities" on me. He contacted my local Chief of Police and tried to file false charges against me.. While the Chief failed to do anything about Bill's complaint, the Chief also failed to act on my requests. Oddly enough, he no longer has his job. I once again deny I had anything to do with that.

  7. Guess this just proves what Grandma always said, "For every pot there's a lid." They deserve each other.

  8. Dear Diane,

    Boy do I hear you on that! When it's time to move on, it's time to move on.

    However, you and your fiance have a problem. He came after me because I posted YOUR public tweet on John Hoge's site. There is a recording of making threats to me and my family in which you both are heard. You wanted my attention, you got it.

    To quote Beatrix Kiddo -

    "You and I have unfinished business."

    Be well.

  9. Still waiting for the Postal Inspectors to haul us all away. She'll probably call someone she knows well, someone she sees all the time.

    Does the National Zoo have Rangers? Is there an Inflatables section?

    Learn what stalking is, Stupid. Don't ask DUMBFUCK. He still hasn't figured it out. This is because he's an idiot.

  10. LOL... Inflataskank's own FB page belies William Schmalfeldt a.k.a. William Mathews!! All because of [redacted] the chain back to his other name and all the valor stealing, Parkinson's faking, shit rolling that comes with it is perfectly intact!

    But still, there are many questions, namely:

    1) Did William Mathews a.k.a William Schmalfeldt inform social security his progressive neurological disease which never gets better and caused him to give up a gig resolved enough for him to get a job?
    2) Did he tell his current employer his former name?
    3) Did he tell social security the alias he is using now to work?
    4) In 2018 how many employers don't do background checks, google searches, and drug screens on prospective applicants?
    5) or did the employer ignore them because William Mathews a.k.a. William Schmalfeldt played the "I'm gunna sue because diversity!" card like he did to a judge in Maryland? You know, because it was too hard to go from SC of MD to respond to a suit but not to cross the country several times in the name of fried pie.
    6) speaking of suits, does his employer know about his vexatious history?
    7) Are the companies who pay for advertising on the station aware of just what kind of restraining order collecting (the toddler one was a nice touch), animal abandoning, adjudicated cyberstalker the station hired?

    So many questions...

  11. I still think it's amusing that a woman/man/unknown Inflate-A-Boy not only issues toothless threats but actually thinks people will take xer seriously. Meanwhile xe sits on xer lazy ass all day sucking the public tit claiming she can't see well enough to work all while staring at a computer all day to play games, post incredibly stupid shit on Twitter, and collect anime gay incest porn.

  12. Remember, folks, the pool is up in the break room for when Cousin Bill gets canned from KGYN.

    $10/date, and, as a bonus, if your date passes, you can get another, later date for $2 more.

    All we have is FUN!

  13. That facebook posting was, of course, written by @BillMathewsKGYN, just like most (or even all?) of the tweets from @TurkResisting.

  14. And why exactly is co-dumbfuck putting out an "Attention World!" rant on a closed friends-only Facebook page?
    calling them dumb is aiming high.

  15. "Life partner" is just another way of saying the asshole promised to marry her but it's never going to happen. LOLOLOLOL ow.... ow... ow...lulzmuscle cramp....


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