Self-Awareness Fail in Three Parts

Part One:

If Bill Schmalfeldt possesses even a single mote of self-awareness, then he must know that he has no soul.

Part Two:

If Bill Schmalfeldt possesses even one atom of self awareness, then his black tongue would have rotted and dropped out of his skull decades ago. We already know this lying piece of shit doesn’t believe in a Supreme Being (except maybe Diana Ross), and like the Devil (maybe “like” isn’t quite nearly on the nose as another word, but let’s go with it) he only quotes Scripture for his own purposes, and very poorly at that.

Part Three:

As Bill Schmalfeldt has often asked his untouchable adversaries while trying his many LOLSUITS in Twitter Court: “Who do you think a judge is going to believe?”

In order of credibility, it goes:

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • O.J. Simpson
  • James Comey
  • The Mainstream Media
  • Baron von Munchausen
  • Donald Trump
  • Maxine Waters
  • Pinocchio
  • Hillary Clinton
  • John Brennan
  • James Clapper
  • Ben Rhodes
  • Susan Rice
  • Joe Isuzu
  • Donna Brazile
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Dan Rather
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • (reader’s choice)
  • all three-year-old children on Earth
  • Bill Schmalfeldt

Schmalfeldt has failed.
Schmalfeldt has failed.
Schmalfeldt has failed.

What can he do? Sue me?

Yes, please.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Self-Awareness Fail in Three Parts”

    1. Many years ago I had a woman who worked for me who was a terrible gossip. That is true in both senses. She gossiped incessantly and practically none of what she said was true. However, there seemed to be a kind of reinforcing mechanism whereby when her ears heard the stupid sh*t coming out of her mouth it immediately made her believe even more strongly that it must be true.

      The Blob seems to operate similarly but worse in that my employee rarely hurt anyone because 1) her 'reach' was limited, 2) except for that bad habit she really was kind of nice and 3) no one who knew her for more than 20 minutes believed a word she said.

      1. Oh, God, YES!

        DUMBFUCK has been thinking AND speaking truth into existence for YEARS!

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt's biggest lie: he's suffering from Parkinson's.

    He's the one who says no one ever gets better from Parkinson's, that he had progressed to the point he was unable to perform a clerical job, was unable to drive.

    Who has, since, posted photos of him driving and complained that he can't get or keep a job because employers find negative things about him online.

    Maybe what they're finding are his own claims of disability, of being rendered incapable of controlling his sphincters, even. And, from his own words, deciding he's either not fit for the job OR that they no longer trust him.

    Maybe, just maybe, had Bill not claimed to be too disabled to even appear in court, he'd be employed.

    1. I just made a post about this, again, using his own words, documents, photos and videos as proof.

  2. In order to fail in self-awareness one has to be self-aware to start with.


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