You Know What’s Funny?

From last night’s Feldtdown:

The fact that he’s looking at a post that’s five months old? Sorta funny.

The fact that he still thinks I’m Patrick Grady? Definitely funny.

But the truly, gut-bustingly hilarious thing?

In his own Tweet, he curbstomps himself.

This could only be true, because if it was fake no one would believe it.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “You Know What’s Funny?”

  1. I will just quote myself:

    bill schmalfeldt you are nothing but a liar, you tweeted that you had proof that Pat Grady was Paul Krendler that is a flat out falsehood. If you had such proof then not only would you have submitted it to the court but you would be crowing it to the whole wide world like a bantam rooster. You were called out on that by no less than a Federal Magistrate Judge I believe the quote was ” It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements that “Paul Krendler,” the listed name of the poster, is actually Defendant Grady or any of the other Defendants.”. You need to shit or get off the pot.

    You are nothing more than a lowlife STALKER.
    --John “Minemyown” Doe on May 2, 2018 at 8:58 pm, This post brought to you by the number 9., Sonoran Conservative

  2. Oedipal Bill never fails to make himself more stupid than he already is. The Oedipal DumbFuck certainly seems to be searching for butthurt in preparation for LOLsuit IX. Just one of the results will be that he proves what a real douche he is.
    Note To DumbFuck: You went to Gab to find some butthurt. Now go find some more.

  3. Purely for the sake of argument, since I don't think it will ever happen, what happens if Grady is ever on the stand in front of him and under oath? BS asks "Are you Paul Krendler?" and he answers "Nope."

    What evidence does he pull out to disprove that? He's certainly never posted a smoking gun bit of proof that I've seen. His belief is not proof.

  4. This always gets me when you google Bill...

    /manure/ - Bill Schmalfeldt -

  5. Good Lord. I (just editing out a little personal news here to make a point - PK) and finally really have some post-work time to read up on the last few days, and I find all this glorious PLM-inducing action by our favorite eejit.

    It's even more fun than wondering why there were two cop cars next door for over two hours last night before the ambulance arrived.

  6. Uh oh!! He used a first name in a reply! In the world of a valor stealing, Parkinson's FAKING shitbag, that is supposed to invoke fear and awe.

    In the real world, this is mentally noted in the lulz bank so when he golf cleats himself yet again I'll smile in satisfaction that much more.

    You're a pathetic loser, shakes. Always have been, always will be. Looking forward to the government auditing your disability claim when [REDACTED].

    And good luck pulling a midget pedo maneuver when its the Feds coming to collect a debt

    1. Just because the asshole Valor stealing idiot is not actively suing anyone doesn't mean you should not keep those Lulz muscles limbered up folks. Sheesh, do some stretching and trunk twists before you read.


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