I Confess Myself Curious

…in an historical sense.

The Jovial One, aka @BroadwayBill_XM, aka (by his own admission) “Original Program Director for XM Satellite Radio’s “On Broadway” Channel,” real name Bill Schmalfeldt, latest of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has a long, storied history as a failed litigator. It’s exponentially worse, frankly speaking, when one stops to consider how many empty threats he has made that were never followed up on.

So I’m simply curious…

Can anyone point to an earlier failure than this threat to have someone put away over the copyright to a logo that he didn’t even own?


Roll on, karma train.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “I Confess Myself Curious”

  1. ti's amazing to think how long Bill Schmalfeldt has been at this whole Internet Warrior shtick. He has been at war with groups of people for his entire adult life. Before the Lickspittle and Zombie Army of today, there was the Knot Wisconsin gang that really burned him. Bill thought it might be a good idea to attack right leaning meanies by posting to several liberal websites. Unfortunately, he went way too far in his descriptions while attempting to mock the thoughts of Republican men. He was kicked off the most popular liberal sites during this period. Then 10-12 years ago the Cabin Boy was a radio DJ at an XM Radio channel called the "On Broadway Channel". The title might give it away, but this was not a political affairs talk show channel. But somehow the brilliant Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt attacked listeners to the channel via the XM Fan message boards. Check them out if you have a spare minute or two because it is vintage Cabin Boy.

    1. Not quite accurate. Schmally waited until after xm shit-canned him to begin attacking listeners on the xmfan forums.

      The shit-canning, based on comments I've read about his tenure, seems to have been driven by his apparently irresistible need to inject partisan politics into his on-air commentary despite his listeners' and bosses' preference for a decidedly non-political show-tunes channel.

      As I've said before: that was his absolute peak. The pinnacle of his life. He got to interview actual celebrities. He got to program the entire 24 hours every day. He had listeners. He had, though it boggles the mind, fans of his work. His audience was...limited, compared to the actual political channels, but it was an audience.

      And DUMBFUCK threw it all away because he couldn't control his nastier compulsions.

      He might have deluded himself into thinking he was auditioning for the Progress channel or something, but as you can tell from his tweets, even if you spare yourself the rest of his...efforts, he has never had the insight or intelligence to make it as a political commentator. Much less the self-control to deal with a live caller who disagreed.

      1. ^^^^ So much this. He finally made the big time only to throw it all away because he couldn't keep his fat mouth shut. Now he is next to homeless and unemployable because of his penchant foe being a complete douch bag.

  2. Me, I like the closing of his threat: "Anyone who doubts that I won't take direct action on this is wrong." So, it would have been a mistake to doubt that he would not take action; the correct position would be certainty that he would not take action.
    Can't even deliver a coherent threat...


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