Delayed Self-Immolation is the Best Self-Immolation!


But then…just around the time the evening news broadcasts kicked off…

EDITOR’S NOTE: Earlier today, NBC News reported that there was a wiretap on the phones of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, citing two separate sources with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen.

But three senior U.S. officials now dispute that, saying that the monitoring of Cohen’s phones was limited to a log of calls, known as a pen register, not a wiretap where investigators can actually listen to calls.

NBC News has changed the headline and revised parts of the original article.

Oopsie Poopsie!

Oh, Bill Schmalfeldt…once more, and not for the last time…

If only you had as much integrity as Fake News NBC (which, let’s face it, is so close to zero as to be indistinguishable) that you would issue a humiliating correction.

Not holding my breath, though.  It interferes with the ‘L’ in PLM.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

2 thoughts on “Delayed Self-Immolation is the Best Self-Immolation!”

  1. The best part is, even if they were correct...there's nothing to flip over. Paying a person not to talk about a non-crime, is also NOT A CRIME. It is not against civilian law to cheat on your wife, no matter how huge your paramour's tits happen to be. They tried the campaign finance angle with John Edwards, and that dog don't fucking hunt.


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