Daddy Hoge Wants Me To Ask…

What is your mailing address, DUMBFUCK?

In order to be certain that what he has to say reaches its intended destination without any ability to claim that it was unintentionally or intentionally “lost” in cyberspace or meatspace, he would prefer to communicate with you via Certified Mail, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt Requested only.

To avoid confusion.

Be a man and answer me directly.

Where can Your Daddy Hoge find you?

Quit sucking your thumb, be a man and answer me directly.

And before you deflect, and ask me what MY address is, just keep in mind that I am merely a neutral go-between in this little conflict…an interested observer, shall we say?

And besides, you seem to believe with all your heart that you already know my address. Actions speak louder than words, so step right up and prove it, O Talker of Big Game From Under The Porch.

Stop idly fondling your empty nutsack, be a man and answer me directly.

I’ll even give you a DOOM CLOCK like you gave Sonoran Conservative. Since we all know already that you’re a racist, sexist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, terrorist-sympathizing, hateful, lying weeping pussy faker, I’ll give you until Close of Business YESTERDAY to prove otherwise.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Daddy Hoge Wants Me To Ask…”

  1. C'mon, you nutless sandy vagoo...

    Step in the ring.

    I fucking double dog dare you.

  2. Now you've done it. Now we'll get Head Fake Bill, out of sync with and jumping ahead in the shmycle.

    "I WAS going to drop the LOLsuit wait a week to file a LOLsuit but something that what somebody wrote you posted who is NOT in the LOLsuit made me change my mind so BLAME THAT GUY!"

        1. Ew! And TMI!

          Also, if you believe that, then Onyx is hanging out happily in her basket. And you know she's not.

          Where. Is. Onyx?

          Laptop, home.


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