Did He Tell Them He’s CRIPPLED With Sinusoidal Fakinson’s Dizeeze?

Given the tight schedule there in Denison (closer than Clinton, for some people, anyway)…

I don’t see how he’s going to get a word in edgewise, with all this pre-programmed network content.

Might be fun to hear a DUMBFUCK grapple with a Mike Huckabee commentary in real-time.  Don’t they kind of like Huckabee in the Iowa sticks?

He won’t make it a day before he’s insulting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That should juice those ratings right up!

And GOSH! Who would have ever thought he’d ever have an actual, publicly available workplace address where he could be served legal papers and such!

And that he’d be stupid enough to say enough about it that a first grader could figure out exactly where he is?

I mean, besides everyone on Earth…

I’ll bet you can call an Uber driver, tip him $10, and he’ll be your private investigator and process server in one neat little package!

Also worth noting: if you, or anyone you know, has hard copies of various restraining orders, peace orders, criminal charging documents, trial transcripts, archived blog posts, salacious legal filings containing humorous yet damaging admissions against interest, or anything else of this general sort…

There’s a fax machine at the radio station for your convenience:

Just sayin’.

Publicly available information and whatnot…

KDSN Radio
1530 Ridge Road
Denison, Iowa 51442
Phone: 712.263.3141
Fax: 712.263.2088



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Did He Tell Them He’s CRIPPLED With Sinusoidal Fakinson’s Dizeeze?”

  1. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a radio schedule with "Funeral notices" as a programming topic.

  2. Perhaps the funeral notices segment is for William's career(s).

  3. The Broadway Bill show ought to be interesting. Will he bring his successful parody music to play during his nap time? I wonder how those will go over...

  4. "Who would have ever thought he’d ever have an actual, publicly available workplace address where he could be served legal papers and such!"

    Getting legal papers served at work? How embarrassing!

    1. William Schmalfeldt Sr. of KDSN Radio Denison, Iowa is incapable of embarrassment. Was he embarrassed when he got caught wearing Navy medals he never earned? No. Was he embarrassed by the stories he wrote of cub scouts being raped? No. As a matter of fact, he was so proud of them he entered them into official court documents. Is he embarrassed by his 12 restraining orders? Nope. Apparently he think they give him a 'tough guy' image. I could go on and on but I think you get the gist.

      1. Apparently inflataskank has some semblance of dignity. Haven't seen anything from it reposted in weeks.

  5. Do podunk low-wattage stations in the Huckabee loving sticks still have live deejays for their overnight music schedule? Or just a guy plugging in a cart or three, giving the station ID every hour or so, and otherwise keeping his fat yap shut? Maybe going to lie down for a bit, betwixt such frenetic activities? Perhaps Mr. Internet Slime-Trail has finally grasped the tail of the Success Tiger!

    LOL, nah. He'll fuck it up, no matter what.


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