You Mad, Bro?

Yeah, he mad.

Come on, you DUMBFUCK, if you think mud can fly in both directions, go ahead and sling away! You haven’t ever been close to throwing in my direction, owing to tour deluded obsession with the vanished Patrick Grady.

When was he last heard from, anyway? I’m sure it’s pinned up on your conspiracy wall.

Tell us, Projection Boy, was it when he traveled to Maryland to fight a peace order while you peed your skirts in fear? Or was it when you curb-rubbed your tires to death and filed a false police report before fleeing into the waiting arms of Woody Woodchipper the Great Inflatable Soulmate?

Tell us please, you Superbad 8 Time LOLSUIT Failure, all about the fire and brimstone you will rain down upon me, whom you can’t even identify.

If you think I’m laughing at you, if you think I’m having FUN…

You’re absolutely goddamn right!

But to be perfectly serious for just a moment: I’m just one Zombie. There are THOUSANDS more people laughing at you. I really wish you were just 1% as smart as you think you are, because if you were, you might stand a chance of finding all the encrypted butthurt the internet can offer you, and then witnessing your impotent rage would be like driving a Ferrari instead of a refurbished Yugo.

As you continue building your lifelong legacy of #EPICFAIL, please at least try to entertain me.

It might not be the very least you can do, but it’s in the bottom 3.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “You Mad, Bro?”

  1. Uh oh! The valor stealing, Parkinson's faking shitbag is back to rolling the bomb on the Enola Gay! Better look out!

    He must have found something that only in his own mind will make butthurt a tort.

    I'll stretch my lulz muscles now.

    1. Yeah.... Fatfuck is bringing an impotent peashooter (although the <20 kiloton "Fatman" is aptly named for the neckless stolen valor douche) to a B83 thermonuclear gravity bomb fight (estimated 1.3 megaton yield).

      But you keep yipping about how much of a badass you are, Thumbhead...

      I'll be over here laughing my ass off.

      1. At this point no one, including his fellow crew members on the good ship LOLSuitFail, thinks Biwwy is a BadAss. His threats don't even rise to the level of pathetic. In a bar fight he'd either be the first one out the door, or the first one on the floor -- in either case with whatever wounds he had in the back.
        Maybe he should nutshuffle down to the gym and show us a video of his fearsome prowess on a punching bag. Heck, I'm betting even the Inflata-woodchipper-skank could wipe the floor with him with its hideous maw glued shut.

      1. Let's face it. Krendler hates us and doesn't want us to post any funny pictures here. Fubruuuuuk oooooo Kremblerrrrrrrr.

  2. Hey Bill! THEY'RE TESTING YOU!!! Now man up and let fly the dogs of war! You don't want people tot hink you're an impotent blowhard, do ya?

  3. He throws mud. It always falls short. In fact, it falls so short, it just lands in the pit he lives in.

    I'm not the one running between different states and being fired from jobs. I'm not the one filing failed lawsuits while touting I have Yale like credentials. I'm not the one who lives in roach motels and having to rely on the family members of my once supportive girlfriend.

    Mostly, though, I don't live in mud.

    I do enjoy watching idiots yelling they are better then me while they roll around in the mud.

  4. At least his attention and idiocies are being diverted from the harassment of 3-year-olds. Why he ever thought his behavior towards innocents would never redound on his life is beyond me, except for the fact the his is, indeed, The World's Stupidest Person (TM). (He's undoubtedly in the running for he title of Universe's Stupidest Being, but that takes a bit longer to confirm. Why, if he ran for President perhaps Hillary could beat him.


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