“I’ve Given All That Up,” He Says

Of course you have, DUMBFUCK.

Of course you have.

We are all you have.

Well…us, and fantasies of raping Cub Scouts around the campfire.

Why did you have to move from Iowa to North Dakota, again? I really doubt it was because The Giant made a great career leap in the field of janitorial arts.

And if you’re really wondering how you can honor Mom’s legacy in the time you have left, may I make a humble suggestion? Why not poop on a kitchen chair and then take The Cure? A nice, big exit wound out the top of your dick-dented hat rack would be a beautiful gesture.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on ““I’ve Given All That Up,” He Says”

  1. "Westminster, MD, is where the species known as the Bloviating Gas Bag Butthurt Booby goes to lick its wounds before it dies"

    Projection of the valor stealing, Parkinson's faking, grifter shitbag's next move? He is the only one I can think of who fits this description.

    IMAX level projection once again.

    PS- would there be ramifications of moving back to MD?

  2. The cranial cavity he'll leave behind would hardly suffice as an ashtray for the cigars we smoke at the Team Lickspittle "piss on his grave" get-together.

    1. And remember, a wristband policy will be in effect for the line-up to piss on his grave. And camping out the night before will NOT be allowed.

  3. Let me get this straight: The guy who ran away to New Mexico, who is faking a disease and lives off the government dime is running his mouth off about the guy in Maryland he claimed would lose his property and fortune from multiple civil suits?

    That didn't work out well. Of course, it never has. Otherwise, Schmalfeldt would never have to run.

      1. Not sure. Maybe. Maybe not. Likely. But...?

        Riddle me this, you Zombie fiends you... Why Albequerque? More importantly, SINCE he was outed, why did Bill stay? In Albequerque? He went dark for 5 or 6 days but now he's back. And looks like he's sticking BUT that may be maskirova.

        Out of money? Job opportunity? Fewer Southern accents? All of that has to be balanced against losing access to the Waffle House.

        And one more thing- This one pisses me off. The logo at liberalgrouch18 shows Bill wearing a Mao cap. And a Mao-type collar. Why in God's name would anyone want to be seen wearing accoutrements associated with somebody responsible for 80+ million deaths? Those numbers do NOT include those associated with the One Child Policy. Arguably history's greatest, in terms of bodies, mass murderer.

        Grow the little Hitler-mustache thing while you're at it, Bill. You are one sick puppy.

        1. "Why in God's name would anyone want to be seen wearing accoutrements associated with somebody responsible for 80+ million deaths?"

          Because this is seen as success in Bill's (and the rest of Team Kimberlin's) eyes. They are all for re-education camps and purges of people who won't agree with them.

          " You are one sick puppy." I'd carve this into his headstone, if he ever has one.


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