Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

The projection is strong in you, young 8 time FAILSUIT LOSER. You’re gonna take wives, cars and houses! But you can’t even hold on to your own.

I’m still waiting for the cops to pick me up, you loudmouth idiot.

I saw a story recently about a guy with a 9 cm diameter air pocket where his brain is supposed to be – how did you manage to convince them not to identify you?

Maybe I’ll have to plan a little golf getaway to Myrtle Beach next month. any other Zombie duffers want to join me?

Good thing you’re in Albuquerque, amirite?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I will actually be in both states in the next couple of months, and by complete coincidence, near both cities where the grifter supposedly lives.

  2. I tried playing golf for a couple years while I was in college. One day on the back nine, I realized that if I could swap my bowling and golf scores, I would come out ahead. I haven't done much with either game since then.

    OTOH, a detective friend tells me that the surf fishing is good along the Carolina beaches, so maybe ...

  3. Didn't Dumbf*ck have a huge list of "potential evidence" from blog posts when he got his free lawyer in Chicago? Win big with that did he? I seem to remember seeing a pic he posted of it all. Maybe it was lost in the great Wisconsin-to-Iowa(theyknowmethere)-to-South Carolina-to-Godknowswhere move? Not like "the internet is forever" or anything. I mean, people then could look it up and see how his efforts have come to fruition.

      1. I think you should also count the two dogs he abandoned in MD to move to Wisconsin. Well, maybe not - it is likely they were still alive after he left. Can't say that about the others, though.

    1. And I wonder if H-18-000741 is the reason he didn't get that job in NM and had to move back to SC? Good thing Spring is coming - it won't be quite as uncomfortable living in a cardboard box under the bridge. Because you know the "sweetie"'s sister ain't gonna take him back in after the last mess he left in her house.....


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