The Answer to Your Burning Strawman, DUMBFUCK…

is “YES.”

And you’re too fucking stupid to know why. (Don’t forget, truth is an absolute defense against a defamation claim. So, as it turns out, is lack of personal jurisdiction.)

#virtuesignaling #DUMBFUCK #punchingup

P.S. It’s worth noting that by the same logic, Gail Schmalfeldt would be a lot LESS dead if her soulmate hadn’t spent so much time chasing white whales on the internet…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “The Answer to Your Burning Strawman, DUMBFUCK…”

  1. "I JUST POOPED!!!"

    -William "I steal valor and fake Parkinson's" Shmaldelft when attempting to be relevant in a political conversation.

    PS- perhaps Lee Stranahan could pose your strawman to PRESIDENT Trump. After all the first step in getting an answer to a question is to have it asked by someone who won't be completely ignored (because they're an irrelevant never-was). I'm sure if u ask nicely Lee will help you out.

    1. Any immigrant/minority would have the sense and decency to not be around that fat racist fuck....

      ...not to mention a functional sense of smell.

  2. Wow. I spend a few days mostly off line due to mild flu, work related stuff, and some family things, and look what I come back to!

    I will assume he's too afraid to name me again, after he dropped me with prejudice the last time he named me as a defendant, although I hadn't even had my lawyer contact him by that point in the process. And the same for Dianna.

    He really does have a problem when he's beaten by "dim girls". (Speaking of which, I'm betting his losses to Ash hurt the worst, and are probably why he's going after everyone else so loudly at the moment, trying to make himself feel all manly again. It's not going to work this time either. 🙂 )

  3. Why haven't we heard a lot of the inflate-a-mate lately? A lot of retweet of the fat fucks stuff but almost nothing that used to be her own? Did she have an accident of some kind? Was she insured for a large amount of money? Did she finally confront Bill about the promised compers ad Nuptials?l As someone who can spell my own name right, it makes me want to do some investigative reporting.

    1. “Sis, if you don’t quit with the #resist crap, you’ll be on the curb with the malignant narcissist.”

  4. Of course the Myrtle Beach Manatee completely misses the point that if we had a functioning system the scumbag illegal would not have been here to run the poor guy over, hence no death. But morons like Bill would rather see people die I guess. It's the only explanation.


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