Well, You Walked Right Into That, DUMBFUCK!

I can’t figure out if he thinks this post is libelous…

…or this one from the late, unlamented BillSchmalfeldt.net.

And you’re not fooling anyone, telling people you walked away. You blew that chance years ago. Instead you dug in deeper, and ever since you’ve been caught in a trap of your own making.

There’s no escape, as long as Inflataskank continues to tell you all about the parodies of your works that magically appear.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Well, You Walked Right Into That, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Good grief, you are too stupid for words, you chinless pile of whale shit.

    That goes double for your rotten toothed inflatable sex toy.

    Having you going all full retard on that parody and beating you (verbally) with your own post is fucking awesomeness times a billion.

    Eat a bag of dicks, racist fatass.

    1. The only sign of intelligence that Bill Schmalfeldt has demonstrated in the past few months is the fact that he hasn't tried to dox you.

        1. I'm hoping the Hoge Hammer is about to drop, but if you're the one who gets him that's fine with me.

  2. Oh lookie lookie!!

    After you so graciously pointed out to the Malignant Moronic Manatee that your post was just a parody of something he had written...

    The return of Above-It-All Billy!!! (cue the kazoo)!

    Like fucking clockwork, y'all.

  3. "Posting on a blog that you have reason to believe I am abusing children is not funny in the least."

    We think it's funny, and pathetic at the same time.

  4. https://web.archive.org/web/20151108054532/http://dirtyschnitzel.com/2015/11/06/bounty-upped-to-2000/


    1. Dirty Schnitzel - the 17th of an Ever-Increasing Number of Postwar Blogs of Bill Schmalfeldt Who Can't Fucking Quit While He's Behind.

  5. My fav is him Mr. shitbag claiming Mr. Hoge is mad because he "lost" a lawsuit, yet here Mr. Fakinsons is FUMING that after EIGHT attempts he can't make butthurt a tort and lost restraining order after restraining order.

    But no, shitbag doesn't project, not at all.

    Hopefully 2018 is the year he finally fucking drops.

  6. It's his stock-in-trade. He accuses people of abusing their children and wives - Library Grypphon's daughter. Patrick Grady's wife. The subject of his parodied article. Probably thousands of others.

    So, if it's not funny when someone else points out his disgusting propensities and associations, and parodies his revolting fantasies, he might consider not doing the same things he finds so very upsetting. Particularly when he chooses targets with far less evidence of abusive behaviors than he has documented of himself.

    Home, laptop.


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