Yes, DUMBFUCK, There Is Ample Proof

  1. You have not denied that you moved, only demanded proof that is not required.
  2. Perhaps you missed the posted clock running on your deadline to disprove t what our anonymous sources told us before we simply assumed it was true, but that has never made a difference to you when you were the one demanding answers and making unfounded assumptions.

There was a clock, and you missed your deadline.  Our assumptions are therefore proved correct and accurate.



P.S. When you do file your change of address notification with the court, your lie of omission will be laid bare for the world.  Just like all the rest.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Yes, DUMBFUCK, There Is Ample Proof”

  1. Here's his problem. Because of our ample proof, iffen we were to choose to do so, we could request Esquire Nettles to write up a little thingie for the court insisting that Bill update his address. Using the proof that he and his sock have so helpfully provided as evidence.

    Bill was warned at the beginning of this that he had to keep the court updated on his address. He hasn't. And forwarding doesn't count. They need notification. They can drop this whole thing if they so choose if he doesn't do so.

    If he didn't want his address to be public record, he shouldn't have fucking sued people.


  2. I look forward to you and Manson occupying the same corner of hell...

    So hurry up and croak already, lardass.

  3. The funny part to me is that Bill is hiding from his own lawsuit. What are you afraid of Bill? We all know you're a coward, but you said this thing was a slam dunk. You are about to own wives and houses dude. Why you running like a little scared pussy?


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