“Final Warning,” You Say?

Oh, no. Not again…

Are we up to a hundred “final” warnings yet from the Mendacious Manatee of Myrtle Beach?

Tiresome little twat.

On a related note…for as vociferously as he contests the notion that he does not have PD, in spite of all his self-contradictory statements, I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed that he hasn’t posted a single mention of the Shrine of the Holy Resting Place of the Ashtray Soulmate, the Blessed Saint Gail of the Clockwork Urn. In point of fact, I don’t think he has ever denied the allegations that he left her behind in the Midwest (and the capricious currents of the Mississippi River) when he went chasing strange down in Dixieland.

How queer.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on ““Final Warning,” You Say?”

  1. Final warning. Right. Is it LOLSuit VIII: Avoiding Contact 'what happens' or is there something else in the wind?

    Why yes. Yes there is: The wind whispers 'dooooooooooooooooooooommmmmm doom doom doom.' Fade to black .(THAT'S RAAACIST!!!).

    Oh. Sorry man-

  2. Really.

    I have a copy of a lawsuit in which he sued not just me - on no grounds whatsoever - and MY EMPLOYER. This, after threatening to publish my personal information - I note that, aside from his usual slanderous assininity of using the 990-PF of my non-fraudulent employer *cough* unlike certain other people I could name *cough* to say how much money I made in one year he has not even ventured a toe into publishing my information, and it had best stay that way - and publishing a whole lot of guff about other people, which was nobody's business.

    It's Bill's own fault - he can't keep his mouth shut and overshares, even when it's actively detrimental.

    Shut up, Bill.

    Laptop, home.

    1. Jesus (the proud new owner of the shitbox hoopty... not the OTHER one) is probably using it/her as an ashtray now.

      Final warning?

      You scare no one, you fucking fatass slug.

      Eat shit and die already.

  3. Perhaps William means that his large economy-sized warning dispenser is almost empty - much like his scrotum. Do they give bottomless refills at South Carolina courthouses?

    Oh dear. I said bottom. I've probably triggered the old boy now.

  4. Gail's urn is probably in the same hole he dug to for the bodies of the cat and the dog he abandoned. I wonder if he was sick enough to bury them alive, or if he was decent enough to kill them before he buried them?

    1. Bury them? I'll bet he didn't even slow down when he dumped them, after crushing their skulls with the urn he just happened to have at hand before throwing it too.

  5. Let us not forget, he’s still an accused rapist.

    Don’t you owe me about half a dozen doxxings, Cuz Rapist?

    You scare no one with your toothless old-woman threats.

  6. A "final warning" from a man who is too pathetic to be able to keep a roof over his balloon animal's head is beyond parody.

  7. What a fucking liar Bill Schmalfeldt is. I never called him. I never sent him an unsolicited email. (The only emails I have sent him have replies to email he sent me, and I said in these emails to not contact me again.) I never commented on his blogs. But Bill Schmalfelt called my house, and more than once. He sent me over a dozen unsolicited emails. He threatened to destroy my wife's business (I reported him to the MA Secretary of State for that one - they are responsible for overseeing corporations in MA.) He has searched the internet for pictures and videos I've uploaded. He contacted my wife's business. And he has the absolute gall to say "I haven't bothered anybody, haven't looked into anyone's personal shit, haven't messed with anyone on a personal basis."? What a fucking liar!

    1. The most pathetic thing is that with all his lying Ol' PotatoHead isn't getting any better at it. I suppose it's like trying to polish a turd. No amount of work is going to make it better.

    2. Yeah, I guess that little bit about calling my ex-husband wasn't messing with me on a personal basis, now was it?

  8. I don't think he cares to remember his long string of harassing behavior. "I didn't do it" is very close to "I don't remember" and "I was justified" in his language. And his 'justification' is usually the fact that they "made me mad."

    One post of mine got me mocked on a lefty site for days. I didn't bother answering. Why would I care what strangers think? I wasn't justified in hounding the people.

    1. I will not believe he has given his final warning until after I have pissed on his coffin.


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