11 thoughts on “Excellent Friend Says “What?””

  1. Will William Schmalfeldt Sr (DUMBFUCK, SC) ever explain why he is friends with a child rapist? No, I don't think he will. But the fact that he surrounds himself with people that are all admitted pedos says a lot about him doesn't it?

  2. I will comment...

    Fuck you, you lying racist adjudicated rapist.

    And your midget molester buddy.

    And your sick perv inflataskank....

    Well... maybe not him/her/xir/zit...

    Too nasty for words, lardass.

  3. Translation of tweet:

    "Look at me everyone while I play political commentator and journalist when the reality is the local college paper doesn't give a shit about me, much less the President (when not being asked questions by a real journalist like Lee Stranahan)"

    I said it before and I'll say it again Mr. Fakinsons: you attempting to insert yourself into a political conversation is equivalent to interrupting a conversation between Stephen Hawking and Michio Kadu on the merits of string field theory just to say "I JuST POOpED!!!"

    Absolutely, utterly pathetic.

  4. If ever a clip summarized a person it has to be this clip and B.Shttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H_nsuaqrLM4

  5. Guys, maybe we should show some pity for Bill. It's clear -- with his fiance having moved in with xer sister and him not having moved -- that he's having some relationship troubles. That's rough, even on the neckless who lost their knee in 'Nam (era).

  6. Some of the accusations against Roy Moore include things which were not actually illegal, since they involve asking out a 16 yr old in a state where the age of consent for sex is 16. Creepy if true? Sure. The 14 year old's accusations are very bad...but she's been silent for 40 years.

    Brett Kimberlin skinny dipped in front of a pre-teen. Took the girl on unchaperoned vacations and according to witnesses, became very upset when the grandmother of the girl broke off contact. Grandmother was shot dead, and the chief suspect was a known Kimberlin associate.

    Oh,and the police think that this genius tried to "distract" the police by exploding 8 bombs in his hometown. (All from Citizen K, the authorized biography of BK.)

    Remember also that one of the "gotcha" facts about Moore is that he married a woman 15 years younger than he is. Um, yeah.


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