16 thoughts on “MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  1. Even more hilarious is that a DUMBFUCK thinks that he's going to get a name. He won't.

    1. For all we know, his login was disabled because he forgot his password. He says his "accounts" were frozen, but I am having a hard time believing that. If they were frozen, a "phone call" wouldn't have unfrozen it. If his account is under investigation, he would have received notification.

      Unless he forgot to update his address.....

  2. https://twitter.com/turkresisting/status/920395875385528321

    Good to know that according to you it's cool to physically assault those you don't agree with.

    Just in case you ever get it in that mushy melon of yours to come at me...


    That goes for that obese sandy vagina of a roommate of yours as well.

  3. So, what happened? Do we actually care?

    The thing is, I am reasonably certain that he's as unpleasant in real life as he is online. He should consider the virtue of being a quiet and pleasant neighbor.

    Phone, train.

  4. Always, always, always the same shit. Everything that ever upsets him is a heinous crime.

    News flash, Iowa News Hawk: Nope. Reporting apparent fraud is what the fraud-reporting hotline is for, you fat, stupid, blustering fake. You act in a way completely incongruent with your claimed disability, and that is a textbook definition of apparent fraud. Don't want your bullshit reported? Shut the fuck up about it.

    1. It's axiomatic, if you think about it.

      Rather like the rule about not starting a land war in Asia, if one is claiming a disability that one's behavior does not support, one would be well advised not to annoy one's neighbor.

      Particularly if one has gone out of one's way to involve officialdom in others' affairs, without cause or reason. Especially if such acts are easily discovered via a short internet search.

      Phone, back yard.

  5. Perhaps Vesuvius by Stonehenge is growing tired of waiting for that dental miracle, and is trying to guess William's banking password. Three wrong guesses is probably enough.

  6. https://twitter.com/trumpthumpradio/status/920699752093757441

    All that fuss just to change the batteries in the Inflataskank...

  7. So I wonder what happened to the plans for the wedding between those two stains on humanity? Are they having a hard time finding proof for the Clerk that one (or maybe even both) are really human? Or did those two greedy mofos realize that they'll lose any death benefits from her late husband if she remarries? At least they won't have to buy costumes for Halloween - they're scary looking enough already.

    1. If I'm not mistaken, he promised to marry the dude, put him on his insurance, and get his teeth fixed. I wonder how long it will it take the Inflate-A-Boy to realize that he has been lied to yet again and he is nothing more than a servant to the fat stinky Potato Head.


    Congrats on somehow evading koming kops for 365 days! I bow to your magnificent evility, pure sharpestry and unkanny kraftiness.

    The fact you're matched against a galacticly stupid moron in know way detracts from your akkomplishment.


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