The Phrases That Payses

Looks like the monthly check has cleared and the serious drinking is underway.

“If it gets published anywhere I will know who did it as it hasn’t been published anywhere else.”

That is an exact quote from an email that wasn’t even sent to Scott Hinckley aka agiledog.

“I have never publicized this photo, so if I see it on anyone’s blog I will know Hoge is responsible.”

That is an exact quote from an email that was copied to WJJ Hoge.

Nowhere in either statement is there a request, a demand, or an instruction that the photo the author is referencing not be published.  All the author has done is inform two separate audiences in two separate emails that if someone does publish the photo

Aw!  Yer makin’ me blush!

he will know who was responsible.  Which is why he sent it out more than once, so there would be absolute and irrefutable proof point to which of exactly twenty or so people could have done it.

And until DUMBFUCK himself publishes the complete contents of both o the (soon-to-be-forged) version of the emails he sent out, we will just have to assume (correctly, as always) that the HZIC is right, and the DUMBFUCK is a nutshuffling, testicle-footed, valor-stealing DUMBFUCK.

Let’s see if we can get that accomplished by close of business East Coast time today, shall we?

Tick-tock, said the Really Useful Urn from a landfill somewhere in Iowa.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “The Phrases That Payses”

  1. I bet the filing John receives is a beg from Shakey to be excused from court because muh Fakinson's makes it hard to travel. If we are lucky, it will also claim ADA.

  2. and none of that publdishing part of the email and then claiming, Ah-ha-ha that it completely proves the drivel he is pushing. Publish the whole damn thing, headers footers IP's an all.
    Why do I bother? We all know it's a complete and total lying forgery.

    [binder. insert. close. win wives&houses] Seriously Dumbfuck, no one ever has sued for much less won someone's wife in any kind of civil or criminal action ever in this land. What kind slave fantasy pretend land pulses inside your dented diseased coconut?


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