Self Awareness Fail Number Zero for Eight

‘Nuff said.


On behalf of the Zombie Horde, fuck you, you toothless, cowardly, lying, racist, cocksnogging balloonfucker.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Self Awareness Fail Number Zero for Eight”

  1. No shit...

    The internet badass talks the talk... but when it comes to actually putting up, he runs under the porch like the mewling sandy vagoo we have always known him to be.

    Fuck you, pussy.

    And your snaggletooth blow up boyfriend, too.

  2. Consequences....hahaha .

    Are you gonna send your girlfriend over to beat us up?

    If i wanted shit from you, I'd squeeze your head.

    Loudmouthed pipsqueak.

  3. So is he gonna move to CO? He has slammed the door shut for permissively adding defendants to his present LOL suit.

  4. "I'm not a psychopath, and to prove it, I'm gonna go all psychopath on you."

    Yeah, waddle with that one, Shakes.

    1. Kinda like the "calling me a creepy stalking asshole borders on libel" bullshit he tried with me... Followed up, of course, with his usual begging under cover of Billy Bad Ass plea for me to dox myself.

      The bitch knows I reside in a country where losers PAY for their LOLsuits, and none of that pro se bullshit.

      So. Bill Schmalfeldt sucks off diseased Subic Bay ladyboys for nickels, and gives change. If he fails to deny it within 12 seconds, it has been proven true in the Ninth Circuit Count of the Internet.

      And may God have not the slightest bit of mercy on their souls.

      1. Twelve seconds are up.


        The Unsub Buttshark B.O.B. F.L.O.B. C.O.B is free to take his bloated carcass on a nice long nutshuffle down a short pier.

  5. Poor, stupid Bill.

    He's created a HORDE of people who will now continue to talk about him, and DARE him to sue them.

    Keep playing Russian Roulette with that revolver, Cabin Boy.

  6. The problem with courts not meting out justice is that eventually the victims realize the courts are useless and will seek alternative methods for justice. Justice always prevails in the end, no matter what a court does.

    1. I wonder if it has crossed his mind that the reason landlords do not want to rent to him is the numerous PO/RO's he has in a short period of time--not what people are saying about him.

      1. Nothing has ever "crossed his mind." In order to cross something it generally needs to exist.

  7. there's our Shakey, the lyin liar who lied.

    the judge ruled that his contract was valid and that he breached it, the lack of awarded damages doesnt change that.

    YOU lost Dumbfuck.

    YOU got lucky that it didnt cost you big time, THIS time.

    I wouldn't rely on that luck continueing for very long if you continue on your current path.

    1. Yeah, he got "lucky". He lives in a motel with the Goblin King -- some luck.

    2. On second thought, I don't want your nasty azz ho "girlfriend" making me a sammich.

      Even if I immediately threw it away, I might get some nasty azz skank ho germs from being within 5 miles.

      That is one ugly ass bitch. Looks like she took a shot right in the cockholster with a sock full of ball bearings and then someone took a cheese grater to her/his/its face.

      I've seen meth heads with better complexions.


  8. Mewling about his own defectiveness - his theatrical "tatters of a man" defense is actually what I think carried the day as far as damages. Bill is too worthless and too unread to matter in anyone's life, thought the judge. And he might have been right.


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