Let’s Fisk Again, Like We Did Last Summer

STUPID Lying Motherfucker Bill Schmalfeldt left a comment at the Artisan Craft Blog yesterday which is deserving of some special attention…

You obviously do not have a copy of the first e-mail I sent to Ms. Hinckley. I, however, do.

Hey, what a coincidence! So do I! Although the copy I was provided had the images redacted, because most people (present company excluded) had more respect for your wife’s dignity than you did.

The one where I wrote, “As your husband was one of the people suggesting my wife’s death was a scam I was trying to pull on people, I feel you deserve to see this picture. If it gets published anywhere, I will know who did it as it hasn’t been published anywhere else.” A normal person would read that as an instruction to NOT publish the picture. But look at who spread the picture around…

No, a normal person would read that as the weak roar of a toothless lion who already knows that once he presses the SEND button, that picture is gonna get published, and that lion is not interested in PREVENTING its publication but is in fact ACTIVELY FACILITATING IT. And in telegraphing that he knows there is absolutely nothing he can do to stop it, and nothing he can do to anyone (like me) who chooses to publish it.

Oh, wait… the COPS sent it to Grady!
No, it was the authorities in Carroll County! THOSE bastards sent the photo to Grady.

Wrong and wrong.  No one sent it to Grady.

Someone sent it to me. The email said Mort in Maryland. I think that name might have been fake.

Grady was the first one to publish it.

Wrong again.

Now, because karma, Grady no longer has a wife.

Oh, please…please expand on the unique knowledge that you have of Grady’s divorce, all while trying to explain how HE’S STALKING YOU, YOU STUPID LYING MOTHERFUCKER.

The only difference? Mine did not choose to leave me.

Janina and Janice would like a word.

Shame on you all.

Your game, your rules.  You first.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Let’s Fisk Again, Like We Did Last Summer”

  1. No one, but NO ONE sends a picture like that to people who you think hate you. NO ONE! Hell, you don't send a picture like that to dearest friends and kin. Ever.

    Bill Schmalfeldt took away his wife's dignity. That's on him and only him. He can deal with it.

    1. A merely stupid person would never have taken the photo in the first place, as stupidity does not prevent common decency.

      A merely demented person might take such a photo, but it also takes a special kind of stupid for that demented freak to decide to email the photo to a couple dozen people, minimum, while also thinking he's laying an inescapably clever trap for someone he -didn't- send it to.

      Fat, drunk, stupid, and deranged is no way to go through life, dumbf5ck.

  2. The fat Parkinson's FAKING shitbag took away his first date soulmate's dignity long before that. I'd say it happened when his "Parkinson's" got so "bad" he forced her to do all the cooking cleaning and driving because this lazy son of a bitch couldn't be bothered to lift a finger unless it was to reach for his tablet and some JWR.

    I really, sincerely hope he gets a *real* debilitating disease that takes him slowly and he gets exactly the same care as he gave Gail before she passed.

    You are fucking scum, Shmalfeldt, and even with what Hoge et al are going to do to you in court it will still be only a fraction of what you deserve.

    Take the cure, Mr. Fakinsons.

    1. The fat Parkinson's FAKING shitbag took away his first date soulmate's dignity long before that.

      Probably when he wrestled her away from whatever stinky trucker she was servicing and fucked her on the first 10 minutes of their first "date."

      Is it a "date" when it's paid for? In small bills? Small "Bill's?"

      Fuck you, Fatass.

  3. Well we can be reasonably sure that Witless Willy did not send it to Krendler. Redacting details is not Willy's style. Anyway I greatly doubt Willy can do bilingual puns. Mort en (l'etat de) Maryland indeed. Nope, it must have been someone educated pretending to email from an urn.

  4. This is one of the dumbest fucking things dumb fuck has done.

    Your wife is dying she is on deaths door wasting away. Instead of spending what little time she has remaining making her final hours meaningful. Instead you choose to take undignified photos of her that degrade her and hurts those that knew and loved her. After taking those photos you sent them out to people to people that you hate and consider as your enemy.

    iPhone, vacation, Oregon Coast

  5. The Zombie horde should also note that Bill, in that comment at the Artisan Craft Blog, admitted that he sent more than one email to my wife ("the first e-mail I sent to Ms. Hinckley."). [Bill "Faking Parkinson's" Schmalfledt should note that it is "Mrs. Hinckley", not "Ms. Hinckley" - she is happily married, not single, and not a SJW/feminist. He presumes a lot to use "Ms."] My wife has NEVER contacted Bill, never commented (publicly) about Bill, and has no involvement in these matters. Yet, she was on the receiving end of foul, threatening messages from him. For that reason, and that reason alone, I will kick Bill Schmalfeldt right in the tiny little peas he calls balls if he ever violates the Harassment Prevention Order and enters the same physical space I am in. Then I'll call the cops.

        1. I nominate myself to be your "Personal Protection Assistant/Bodyguard."

          Turning that fatass bully into human pretzel would be fucking awesomesauce.

        2. OH NOES!!!!!!11!1!1!1

          Fatass McFuckface-Stalker is gonna SUE us, AD!!!!1!1!1


          Hey you racist stalking motherfucker... tell that blow up, retard, skanky trench mouth ho to STFU. If I wanted his/its opinion, I would poke it with a knitting needle and listen to the air hiss out (which a million times more intelligent than anything it has posted or has come out of its nasty ass snaggletoothed cockholster).

          Your legal threats concern me not in the least, racist POS.

          You are too stupid to ever find out who I am... and any legal shenanigans initiated by you would end like they always do.

          In massive failure.


  6. "Janina and Janice would like a word." ---- Hey there Mr. Krendler, do you care to tell us who these two people are and what role they play in LardAss McBastards life?

    Are they on his pro bono legal team? His personal grooming team? The Greyhound bus drivers who took him to and from his North Carolina court date? Are they members of Bill's Parkinson's Physician team? Are they the two criminals who stole a lifetime of Di's Medicaid dental benefits?

    1. Based on available evidence, they are 50% of the women on Earth who have been cursed to encounter his golf-cleat-stomped crank (of course the T.F.J. doesn't count), and 100% of the women who have borne children that could arguably be called his hellspawn (though it's been suggested that at least one such does not share his mutant DNA).

      Does that help?

        1. The strap on that the Blow Up Ho uses to peg Fatass is probably (provably) nicknamed "Schmalfeldt's crank"

        2. I would suggest that Bill would probably call such a thing "Bobber" or possibly "Daddy" if you knew who to ask.


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