Eleven Examples

Since the beginning of 2017, Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt, poor, poor, pitiful put-upon Porkinson’s patient who only wants to be left alone in peace, has published EIGHT stories in as many months about a reporter he commenced harassing some five years ago. The following links are broken:

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/02/16/lee-stranahan-from-porn-to-press-corps/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/02/27/meet-lee-stranahan-the-worlds-best-journalist/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/03/25/documentary-where-in-the-world-is-lee-stranahan/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/04/05/stranahan-the-traitor-joins-russian-propaganda-machine/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/04/06/exclusive-stranahans-farewell-gift-from-breitbart-poison/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/04/08/stranahan-lends-a-hand-to-help-pal-steve-bannon/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/06/01/lee-stranahan-wants-your-money-to-shoot-a-film/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/06/15/newsweek-reporter-misleads-readers-about-lee-stranahan/

Poor, poor, pitiful put-upon prevaricating Porkinson’s pants-pisser Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt has also published the following stories since the beginning of 2017 about an attorney in good standing within his legal community and before the bar who wants nothing to do with the stupid, lying motherfucker currently serving as Editor-at-Large and Chief Dimwit in Command of Breitbart Unmasked.  The following links are also broken:

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/05/09/hoge-files-yet-another-contempt-complaint-written-by-aaron-walker/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/06/11/islamophobe-lawmaker-adopts-aaron-walker-tactic/

http://www.breitbart unmasked.com/2017/07/06/is-aaron-walker-the-worst-lawyer-in-america/

How can this lying, shit-sniffing, turdrolling valor stealing DUMBFUCK make it more obvious that he only wants not to be bothered and picked on by people who respect the people he wants to be left alone to bother and pick on?

People, I’m serious as a large hematoma sustained in a massive vertical aerial impact passing from mattress to armchair (that’s “a bruise from falling out of bed like a klutzy DUMBFUCK,” for those of you who speak normal English) here!

It’s obvious to anyone with three working brain cells what ALWAYS precedes a brief period of peace and quiet for the DUMBFUCK.  (HINT – It’s not a LOLSUIT!) Why isn’t he smart enough to figure it out, other than the notion that he’s almost certainly two or more brain cells short of the minimum requirement?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

32 thoughts on “Eleven Examples”

  1. Those posts are in the PAST, so they don't count today. And every word I wrote about them is 100% provably true or probably true. ---LardAss McBastard aka Racist POS aka Twitter Attorney @ Law aka Lying Fat Mofo aka Bill Schmalfeldt

      1. It goes back to him calling Ali "Boy". Classic insult for a Black man. Also he did that really racist skit about black neighbors. There is also his writings about Asian woman that neatly wrap up both is racism and his misogyny. I guess he hasn't gotten mad enough yet at the blow up boyfriend to call him a "cunt" like he has done to many other woman. Nothing says I"m a 'Progressive" like calling woman who won't agree with you "cunts". But that's our widdle Billy. Rules for thee, but not for me. I'm sure Blow Up Boyfriend will ignore Bill's use of racial and sexist slurs like a good subservient progressive woman since the target is on the 'wrong' side of politics.

        1. Let's not forget the woman he spoke to with the "African-tinged voice" (IIRC)?

    1. If nothing else, they provide the Schmalfeldt template for how to treat people who only want to be left alone.

      His game. His rules.

      Kicking his ass.

  2. In response to Dave...

    Only his repeated tweets to MJ, with Spanish slang added to jab at his Hispanic ancestry.

    .... and his recent post about Aaron's wife, insinuating that she is a mail order bride, a Philippines whore, all Asian women look alike, etc.

    .... and his comments about Ali, and the midnight clerk with the "African-tinged" voice.

    Etc etc etc ad nauseum

    Yeah, the John Denver blow-up boyfriend has NEVER heard him say racist things.

    Ninja, pleeze..

    Got my sammich yet, skeezy toofless ho?

  3. Oregon State to Offer Social Justice Warriors New Courses in "Fat Studies"


    I'm sure the Google searches from a roach motel in South Kakalakee regarding possible online enrollment is underway.

    1. If the courses are about how to be fat, Schmalfeldt could be the teaching ASSistant.

  4. If @stranahan wants to smear me, he is capable. Doesn't need @wjjhoge, @mayberryville, @brainsrfood or Palmer to hold his dick at the urinal

    God are you a moron, Bill.

    The point is that Stranahan has said NOTHING about you and yet you refuse to "leave him alone". Why? Don't you just want "left alone"? Then why go after Lee?

    But then again, we know you want nothing to do with leaving people alone.

    1. Or going after Lee's wife... or Lee's dead child, or Aaron's wife, or Ash's grandson, etc. etc. etc.

      They aren't commenting about him. At all.

      Racist McFatass... EVERYTIME you attack someone who is "leaving you alone," I am going to be commenting about you, your blow up snaggletooth boyfriend, your truckstop dolly, your whore of a mom.

      Don't like it? Tough shit.

      Your game... your rules.

      Kicking your ass at it... as always.

      1. William "valor stealing Parkinson's faking adjudicated cyberstslking" Shmalfeldt *always" hates it when his own standards are applied to him. He has zero issues contacting family members, employers, and anyone he can to create trouble for someone when butthurt is not a tort in ANY state, but out come his lawsuit threats if he thinks someone is going to ontact his inflataskank or employer (in the few weeks he has one).

        Becuse Mr. Fakinsons is a compete hypocrite and scumbag.

      2. C'mon, we have no evidence his mom was a whore.

        All the testimony says she gave it out for free.

  5. Bill is so blinded by jealousy when it come to Lee because one is a real journalist with year of experience and a valid career; and the other has delusions of grandeur about being an actual journalist.

    Bill might be able to get a joke writing press release for the KKK or StormFront with his past writing that had racist overtones, but a real media job will forever elude him. How long did the last one last, "in his town" even !

    He is pathetic and couldn't carry Lee's notes.

    1. I always get s laugh when I see people post situations where he desperately trries to make himself important/relevant in a political conversation. Its tantamount to Stephen Hawkings and Einstein having a debate about the merits of the theory of quantum gravity just to have Mr. Fakinsons nutshuffle his way over and proudly exclaim "I JUST POOPED!!!"

  6. Was Brett so put out the latest time Mrs K cuckolded him (not the 1st where the guy knocked her up while Brett was in prison) because

    1- the guy was Black (racism?) or;
    2- because the guy was real man sized (and so now sex with Brett was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?)

    And if there were these 2 known times, how many other times were there that Brett doesn't know about because he was too busy [REDACTED]?

    1. Well, to be fair, they were participating ribbons servicemembers get to wear just for showing up.

      1. One of them was a National Defense Medal... which even total dirtbags get upon graduation of boot camp. (obviously)

        The other was a Good Conduct Medal... which means he went four years without getting caught (his little self admitted romp with the "woman" on stage in Japan should have earned him a Capt Mast if someone had wrote him up for it).

        Yeah... a real "High Speed, Low Drag" door kicking hard charger.


  7. I do remember the "boy" comedy sketch. It was an edgy concept -- in the late 70's. Bill created a scenario with a racist Republican calling the new, black neighbor "boy" and assuming he was a servant. Bill wants the Normal Lear Exception. You can't actually blame the writers for crap that comes out of Archie Bunker's mouth.

    On the other hand, the examples above are real people.

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt appears to believe that I have abused my dog. If he really thinks that, he should report me to the AKC, which is the organization that sanctions so many of the agility competitions I do. He has downloaded a portion of video I put out, and added labels to indicate abuse (stealing my content, no less). I'll even provide Beta's (Bryn Mawr's All Rev'd Up) AKC registration number: DN0569061. If he doesn't report me, we'll know he is just the gutless lying scumbag we know him to be. Of course, reporting an agility competitor in good standing with unfounded accusations of abuse could easily be shown to be public libel.

    He won't do it, though. He is lying about the horrible "abuse" he saw - it just proves he has even less understanding of dogs and running agility than he does of legal proceedings (or actual running for that matter). And he now has a convenient lie about handing off his dog and cat to two loving families when he left Iowa - this came out of nowhere to cover his tracks.

    Of course, he could also try to report me to the local SPCA. I won't try to educate him as to why THAT is a really bad idea for him.


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