Paul Ryan Is A What?

“A walking, nutshuffling penis,” you say?

Where’d you come up with that great line, DUMBFUCK?

Now I guess we save to see how long it will be before you call Kellyanne Conway “a clit-faced cunt so big she ought to have a gash from her belly button to her chin…”

…like your inflatable hyena of a girlfriend.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Is A What?”

  1. Paul Ryan accomplished more in his life by age 20 then William "stolen valor Parkinson's FAKER adjudicated cyberstalker" Shmalfeldt has in his life, period.

    1. Objection; on information and belief, Mr. Ryan does not have a single Restraining/Protection/Anti-Stalking Order to his name.

  2. "like your inflatable hyena of a girlfriend."

    You mean that mush-mouthed harpy that's vaping away a small fortune? Since they are supposedly paupers, living on Bill's pension/disability payments, her nasty habit is likely consuming 25% of their income. Which is why they're living in a cheap-add motel. Did Bill list her vaping expenses on his IFP application as a living expense, or as a food expense? Or do they have a source of income they didn't tell the court about?

      1. Maybe more since there is a reduced chance of teeth scrape?

        1. An organ grinder with a dancing monkey is still an organ grinder with a dancing monkey.

        2. Organ grinder?

          Toothless pencil sharpener, maybe.

          Dancing monkey?


      2. He's already promised that as soon as he wins this case, he'll buy her new teeth and a new pillow to put her knees on.

    1. I'll just leave this right here:

  3. OK, now you've gone too far, Krendler. I can't fucking believe you'd say something so outrageous, so insulting, so utterly beyond contact with reality. What in the hell is wrong with you, man? How could you even consider saying something so....awful?

    Cunts (in general) are lovely. Inflataskank is beyond hideous. You apologize to cunts right now. All of them. Except that one.


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