Cyberstalking- A Handy How-to Transcript!

Clerk: [inaudible] Department.

BS: Hi there, My name is William Schmalfeldt, and I’m calling about a civil no contact order that was taken out against me in January 2016.


BS:Uh, the file number is 15CVD2054.

Clerk: Okay

BS: And what I’d like to know is, uh, the plaintiff gave her address as 501 Redd St in Re-Reidsville, uhhh…NC. Now the application for the 50C says you can give an alternative address. Uh, but, but it also says did the, uh – let me see, call it up here so I can quote it exactly…hang on her just a sec…yeah, uh, under “Note to Plaintiff<” uh, line one, which box did she check?

Clerk: Uh, which, under the complaint? Or –

BS: Uh, the application. In the 50C application.

Clerk: Okay, which form?

BS: Uh, hang on just a second. I can-

Clerk: Because you got a copy of the form.

BS: I’m looking, I’m looking, I’m looking at it right now. Hang on. It is form number AOC-CV-520.

Clerk: Okay, you got a copy of everything, um, that she filled out.

BS: Well I no longer have it, and I just really have one question.

Clerk: Okay , and you’re wanting to know which-

BS: Which box she checked under line one.

Clerk: Hold on.

[hold music]

BS: Hello?

Clerk:  Hello?

BS: Yes.

Clerk: Okay, um, you wanted to know which line she che-, on one, which line she checked?

BS: Yes.

Clerk: She checked “the plaintiff resides.”

BS: She – okay, and if the plaintiff did not reside in Rockingham County when she filled that out, is that something I should discuss with your local sheriff?

Clerk: Hmm, you can talk to a lawyer.

BS: All right, well, we’ll do that. Thank you very-

Clerk: All right, Bye-bye.

BS: But, but, but she definitely checked “the plaintiff resides” in this-

Clerk: Well, you should have a copy, if you’d like me to mail you a copy-

BS:Well, yeah, but I-I-I-I moved, uh, and uh, didn’t see any reason to keep this, because I thought she still lived in Rockingham County until yesterday. Now I find out that she moved in November ’15 to, uh, Greensboro, but still filed this suit, uh, this uh-uh-uh, restraining order in January 2016 claiming she lived in Rockingham County when she lived in Guilford County.*

Clerk: Uh, well, if you’d like a copy we can mail you a copy of it.

BS: Would you do that? Let me give you my address.

Clerk: Okay, what is the address?

BS: It’s uh, 220 [deleted]

Clerk: Okay. We’ll get it out to you.

BS: I do appreciate that, thank you very much.

Clerk: Uh-huh.

BS: Bye-bye.

Clerk: Uh-huh. Bye-bye.

*This is the part where the lies are absolutely unmistakable.  If you have the stomach for it, go listen to it eight or nine times. There’s no way he’s telling the truth here.  Also, it’s where he practically admits stalking.  “I thought she lived HERE until yesterday, and I have vowed not to eat, sleep, use the bathroom or speak to the Inflataskank until I find out her current address and get her arrested for relocating without telling me. But I’m totally not a stalker or anything.” Or words to that effect.

On an unrelated note: Did you know that the US Marshals have been finding people and serving process on them for literally decades without even the smallest bit of help from Bill Schmalfeldt?  It boggles the mind to consider how they have managed without him.

Oh, look! Anna Kendrick! How nice.

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Cyberstalking- A Handy How-to Transcript!”

  1. What's that phrase...

    A stalking stalkers gotta stalk.

    Creepy McCreeperson just can't help himself. His moob flaps are probably all tingly after that call

  2. I'm sure this will go over really well if he calls the police about her "perjury"..

    1. The following is the text of a comment left earlier today by cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt at BillySez (did you forget I have privileges there, DUMBFUCK?):
      "And perjurers gotta go to jail. I just got off the phone with the Rockingham Clerk of the Court of Common Justice. You checked the box claiming you lived in Rockingham County. You did NOT live in Rockingham County. That means you committed perjury, and you will have to answer for that. Unless, of course, you can prove that as of the date of the hearing you still lived in Reidsville. So the time for being little miss Cutsey Pie is done, Sarah. When did you move to Greensboro?"

      See the problem? I helped a little...

      1. She's done, huh?

        Well, this may not work out at all like he thinks it's gonna.

  3. Let's not forget that the U.S. Marshalls simply send the summons by registered, restricted delivery mail. If no one accepts the mail, then the summons is returned unserved. It will take actual knowledge, money, and effort to get them (or anyone else) to take the next step - things Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have.

    And I thought it was ADORABLE that Bill thought that "only 2 of those 9 restraining orders are still active" was any kind of character endorsement for him. And I think he forgot that my harassment prevention order was renewed - it is still in effect against him, regardless of where he lives.

    1. Dear Diane Kelley, if you can read this message, do something to help your fella. He's out of control, and needs a gentle hand to pull him off the ledge before he gets into serous trouble. Try to coax him off stalking behaviors.

  4. With the way he is getting absolutely OWNED in court, his biggest concern isnt trying to defend against a suit where his ability to introduce evidence has been restricted, but to fabricate a perjury charge?

    Oh yea... DUMBF5CK. .. My bad.

    BTW Mr. Fakinsons people who don't rely on the government teat can have more than. One property/address, but I'm not going to educate your sorry ass how. I'd rather see you fail at this.


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