Someone’s Hunting For Butthurt

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I hope he got lots of nice, useless screen caps.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Someone’s Hunting For Butthurt”

  1. And Bill was butthurt-hunting!
    It was a little bit frightening...

    (To the tune of "Kung Fu Fighting")

        1. Me too.

          But the Asian Society of Asian American Ninjas just might object.

          You didn't build that.

          Jes' kiddin'- Great ref on your part.

  2. "I can't imagine a lawyer telling Marvin anything other than "keep your mouth shut until served," and, if given the chance, "SETTLE!""

    We already know of your mental deficiencies, Cousin Bill. Your lack of imagination is the least of them, of course.

    1. I once spoke to a lawyer who specializes in these matters about a similar "shut up or I'll sue!" thug. The lawyer laughed, said the topic was a public matter, and that I had nothing to worry about as far as actual liability.

      When you publish things -- like a picture of your flab flowing over the edges of a flop-house mattress -- you're making them public, and the public will comment on them.

  3. Spearking of Butthurt.

    Doc No./Seq No.: 170/0
    File Date: 06/21/2017Entered Date:06/21/2017Decision:
    Document Name: Correspondence from Judge Hecker to Schmalfeldt regarding ex parte communication etc.

    1. Wasn't he already told to cut that out? Or are multiple judges having to tell him the same thing?

      1. Once already in the federal court. This is Maryland. And frankly, the fact this came at all gives me infinitesimal hope of some infinitesimal triumph over "but Maryland."

        But not enough to hold my breath or place a bet.

      2. He hears it with monotonous regularity but never manages to extrapolate from the incidents to a general rule. Especially when forming a rule would be a good idea.

        But Bill has yet to note the existence of good ideas.

        Phone, train.

  4. Scat in a Hat needs to fold his tent, delete everything he has inflicted on the Internet, cancel those idiotic Google Alerts, and go live his life in the Real World with Di. Trouble is, he has delusions of adequacy so leaving the public Internet would be 'surrendering to the right-wing nutcases' or something equally as bizarre.

    Zero for 7 with 'Accused Rapist' now covered by res judicia is quite a record, his 8th attempt should be going down in flames any day now. But wait, Next Time!!!!!!11!! he will write a successful lawsuit, he guarantees it.

    1. Friday is the deadline for him to get the suit into proper form. He says he has already done so. But it's unlikely to be reviewed before the deadline passes.

      Ideally the plug will be pulled while he's attempting to show cause in Maryland next week, so we all find out before him.


      1. yeah, like Fat Ass is going to actually show up.

        so how long would it take to serve a bench warrant from MD on someone in SC?
        asking for a friend...

        1. I think that's half the reason the hoopty went to Jesus. Back when he was claiming Grady was "acting on Hoge's orders" to drive, 5 hours round trip, to "slash" two curb-ridden, worn out excuses for tires, he warned Grady to not get a speeding ticket, because the Clinton Cops would totally believe that (a) the tires were slashed, and (b) this dood 150 miles away musta dunnit, because he has a restraining order against me.

          So back then (April?) he understood, driving like DumbF5ck = traffic stop = do you have bench warrants? And he ditched the hoopty. What, two days later he didn't list that as assets when filing IFP? But at least, for his sake, he ditched it before he was served with the summons to appear.

    2. "Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness." --

      Ken White had Bill's number nearly four years ago.

      1. Unfortunately for us, nothing much has changed about Bill since then. The only significant change is that he now has his inflataskank to help him get liquored up and cheer him on in his evil.


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