20 thoughts on “It’s A FAILDOXX, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. It IS a "faildoxx," you fat fucking retard. Failing over and over and over and over again is the only thing in your miserable existence you are any good at.

    Show your work, asswipe.

    Put up or shut the fuck up.

  2. OK, wait, you want to doxx me and expose "all my secrets" on the internet because your "girlfriend" tweeted a picture of you laying in the bed to the general public, and you're mad that I posted a picture of the tweet? I mean was it not a good picture because the shirtless ones you did were better or..?

    Are you like 12? You're blaming me because your girlfriend was the stupid one? Maybe you didn't do a good job of picking her.

    Trying to expose my secrets is something a coward would do when they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions. You girlfriend screwed up and now I have to spend my Monday hiring a legal team to come after you. Good God, man, why are you such a pussy?

    1. Yes. He's blaming you. Like he blames everybody for everything that he does to himself. It's JOHN'S fault that Bill broke the settlement agreement TEN DAYS after the ink was dry. It's MY fault that he was forced to call my ex-husband and myself on the phone and post a picture of my grandson on the internet along with my address and thereby garnered himself TWO restraining orders. It was SCOTT'S fault that he had to faildoxx three different people, including a GIRL when a link to Scott's personal blog was attached to his handle.

      But now instead of it being Pinkie Pie's fault that a really unflattering picture of him being released into the wild, it's now YOUR fault for commenting on it.

      Popcorn. We haz lots and lots of it!

    2. 'Cause these stupid cretins think posting screen shots, linking to their PUBLIC posts and archiving their PUBLIC screed is "stalking, and harassment!" I guess they're think their own words is defamatory. Quoting their own words is harassment. I can't make up this level idiocy! Damn it's just too stupid!

    3. Is this the shirtless, prison "take the position" for butt rape photo?
      Yeah, that's gonna be a classic.

  3. He sees a felony along with what looks like a likely name? He starts slavering and the truthiness drives all the crumbs remaining of sensibility from his echoing brain cavity.

    I say we arrange to let the person he is actually talking about know what he's saying and let him have a swing at DF. Worked wonders for me.

  4. Someone please post his failcrumbs here. I don't go to Mr Fakinsons twitter.

    1. I doubt he even has failcrumbs. His "proof" usually turns out to be imaginary or flat-out wrong.

      Although I did hear he posted a picture of himself that shows he has a bald pussy on the outside of his pants too.

  5. Has he shown his work yet, or is Mooby Dick still sleeping off last night's bender?

      1. Oh, these automated online "background check" things are mostly pretty cheap. But as in most things, you get what you pay for. Between that, and Bill's remarkably stunted intellect, it's no surprise he blew this one so badly.

        1. You'd think with all the practice he gets, he'd be better at blowing things.

  6. I do not (and will not) look at Willie Scheissfeldt's stuff so I am in ignorance here. I am gathering that he has said that he has accused a commenter at one of the Free Speech sites of raping a child. I also gather that he has provided no evidence (why shall I not be surprised if that turns out to be the case) or given someone's actual name. The latter is a new and somewhat clever twist. A pseudonym may have difficulty suing for defamation, and I think Woeful Willie has found being a defendant unpleasant.

    So with all that as a yet unconfirmed set of premises, I ask whether it is a faildox if you do not even give a name, or is that a fail-faildox?


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