Hmm…This One’s a Toughie!

Do you mean like maliciously calling a guy a convicted child rapist when you know for a fact that the guy is not a child rapist?


And good luck with that, by the way.  The price of popcorn futures is in the stratosphere today.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Hmm…This One’s a Toughie!”

  1. Dude.. that wasn't even a hanging curve you just knocked out of the park.

    Beetusaurus Rex just set up a T-ball stand and dared you not to strike out.

    Dumb doesn't even begin to describe that fat fuck.

  2. Where does 'light' enter in to all of this? I've always marveled at Brett and Bill's constant harping on 'false light defamation.'


    Actually, it's more than that. It's malevolence.

  3. Prepare yourselves. Limber up those LULZ muscles.

    Shakes will soon reveal Sonoran Conservative and I are one in the same. His failure is approaching rarified air.

    1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, it's your turn tomorrow to be Sonoran Conservative.


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