Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

If any members of the Zombie Horde ever need a terrific visual definition of the term “one trick pony,” bookmark this image:

Waiting breathlessly for the inevitable “Let’s Meet This Week’s Paul Krendler (or Maybe Howard Earl), Mike Suttles of Northwestern, Oregon!” post…

And for fuck’s sake, you’d think even a writer-editor STALKER who highlights a 72% proficiency in English (his native language, natch) would be able to figure out that there’s NO TOWN IN OREGON CALLED “NORTHWESTERN!”

It is mistakes like this that do not bode well for his prospects to RETURM to work.

Maybe he should have called his good pal Phyllis Mason and asked her about it.

But no, of course not.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. So you leave a comment on his blog he is gonna dox you. I bet he tries to match every IP address to a person.

  2. Bit of an over reaction from even the drama queen wouldn't you say?

    1. well there was a time 'while back, that a young boy called him an old but and boy Bill showed him...

  3. I can only hope that he will demonstrate his mad skillz in determining the identity of "Unclezip", perhaps with some form of chart that shows the pathway of decisions he took to arrive at his conclusion.
    I hear those are hilarious.


  5. I was perusing his latest ephemeral, wasted time website and it occurred to me that he is having a hard time coming up with new names for his pages since he has been through so many. This one is just a retread of his wheezy old Liberal Grouch thing.

    In the spirit of generosity I'd like to help him out with a unique blog name that would be wonderfully apropos (suitable to the purpose, GS13) to the nature of all his web efforts both text and spitcast.

    You should name the next one "Comment (0)". I know no one will get it, if a tree falls in the forest and so forth, but at least it will be creative.

    1. Great idea! It would also be "truth in advertising" as most if not all of his online bloviating results in "Comment (0)."

      If he uses it, sue him for royalties for coming up with the idea....

    2. At least he finally has something to be grouchy about!

      It's the Trumpocalypse! Also, his new job looks to be a brief one, and for once it won't be due to his incompetence, incontinence, or getting knocked down a stairwell.


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