Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

Well, I suppose it could be worse – I mean, God forbid he wants to urinate on children like you do, or write hilarious tales of homosexual Cub Scout rape like you do, or fuck Japanese whores in public while married like you do, or treat your soulmate as a one night stand like you do, or pick your turds out of the toilet, roll them into balls and sniff them like you do.

Nah, he just wants to draw naked women.  Shocking.


tartsa mindig , és én a húgy meg


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. He must be drunk already. NOBODY shows that shocking a lack of self-awareness.

  2. just when you think Ol' Stinky can't get any stupider...
    he doubles down...
    and the triples.

    this is not gonna end well for him.
    no sirree.....

    it'll be hilarious.

    1. He'll be the most special lolcow of all! Those folks will milk the Diminished Capacity Kid dry, carve out a ,orsel of meat and ride the rest home.

      I really hope that Lolcow Bill continues down this path.


    As opposed to William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. (a/k/a Bill Schmalfeldt, Matthew Lillefelt, William Munko, etc.) who imagines urinating on children and the rape of cub scouts, and who has no friends?

    1. As opposed to Golden Showers Schmalfeldt, who has only the most upstanding of citizens as "pals."

  4. Unfortunately for you, dumbfuck, I just archived it. The internet is forever. Doesn't matter what he does. It's pretty pathetic you're trying to use extortion against him to remove commentary that isn't false about you that you don't like.
    I'll be happy to keep archiving it.

    By the way, do me next, Dumbfuck! By the way, the Reddit / voat one isn't even me. If you think that's a hint, go ahead and waste all that time. You'll miss the broadside of the barn that's about the size of your missing neck.

  5. That anal rape fantasy (or confession!) at Daily KOS got the loathsome loser banned, and they're a pretty tolerant lot.


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