Who FORCED this DUMBFUCK into a “Vinnie Virgintino” faildox this time? Because it’s never HIS FAULT, is it? 

Sure wasn’t me.

Finding a grain of sand at the beach is harder than punking an idiot like him.

Hmm…yeah, lemme think about that…


I think DUMBFUCK poked the wrong monster again.  I think he cracked a world of hurt open on himself at Kiwi Farms, and if there is one thing certain, I had nothing to do with it.

But the Horde and I will enjoy watching.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “GOLLY, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Stock up on popcorn and for goodness sake, everyone, stretch your lulz! Our lulz safety needs big improvement.


  2. If there's one constant in modern life, it's that Lolcow Bill's Grand Strategy blowing up in his fucking face for our general lulz.

    "I'm in default in the lawsuit I'm defending against, and I'm threatening a new lulzsuit in a new state against half the world. So why NOT jam my useless crank into a NEW hornet's nest? What could happen? I have a Feldtchart!"

    1. Public Domain Radio
      I got DAVE ALEXANDER Wrong! I got DAVE EDGREN wrong. Nothihg but wrong, ,wrong, wrong! We'll see if the court is as wrong as I am.

      8:40am · 12 Jul 2016 PDT

      So we're going to go to court again because he doesn't like the truth in his own words?

      Look, Defendant Asswipe - going to court has gotten you nowhere. Every time you think you have a case, you get it wrong. Every time you think anyone in the horde becomes turn-coat, you get it wrong. In fact, most every proclamation of where you think you'll come out on top, you get it wrong.

      So running to the court to find out if you got it right is not a smart move. But, our judicial system needs people like you to throw money at it and lose. You've turned the scales of justice into your own casino. Keep pouring that money in because in the end, the only thing that changes is that you will keep getting poorer, and everyone else is still pointing and laughing.

      Get off the internet. Enjoy your retirement with the little nuns before you squander your gift to them - assuming of course, you really did such a thing. You spew so many lies, I would be hard pressed to believe you made any kind of deal. And if you did, you were lying to them as well. Which is absolutely why you're so wrong about everything.

    1. And I'm sure that his threats will get Golden Showers Schmalfeldt exactly what he wants!



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