23 thoughts on “I Don’t Appear To Be Fired…”

  1. Ha ha! TMZ should post this EVERY DAY (along with Billys TUFF GUY TAWK) to mock Billy's latest FAIL. 😀

    1. ...or, as in Krendler's case, from a company you own outright.

      I'm in a similar situation, in that I have controlling interests in several companies, and my kids own the rest of the companies where I'm still on the payroll.

      I haven't worked for someone else since the late 1980s.

    2. The self-titled happy my wife died theMerryWidower was - - remember that letter from the National Parkinson's Foundation demanding the loathsome loser stop tarnishing their brand by associating "Bill Schmalfeldt" with their good name?

      The fat freak claimed to be collecting donations, so, in effect, the grotesque ghoul was fired from a *job* it paid the employer to hold.

  2. So in other words, the Dumb Fuck failed again. That sorta like saying water is wet.

  3. Has B.S. ever produced the headers for the email he claims contained the image in question? I'd be curious why it took so long for him to trace the server if he has them. Since he flatly accused Grady of sending it though the company servers, he must have more proof than his own imagination.

  4. So Bill admits he wants to get people fired. Huh.

    This will look so good during trial.. if it ever gets that far.

    1. I recall his saying he was "merely asking" if company equipment was being used to..." This was repeated several times. The latest involves necrophila. Previous notes reference attacking a disabled Vietnam Era Veteran. Or something like that.

      Merely asking. I remember Eric merely asking if the nuns had done a background check. That got him sued.

  5. Hey. Let's be truthful here. We all know that Krendler was fired by Team Themis on the grounds of no longer being alive, but was immediately re-employed by Howard Earl on the condition that Krendler take the gloves off when dealing with Witless Willie. So it is technically true to say that Krendler was fired, but it is false for Witless Willie to imply that Willie was responsible for it unless he is also admitting that he is the one who KILLED Krendler. In that case, if Willie ever does sue Krendler, the latter can counter-sue for wrongful death.

        1. Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go in against a DUMBFUCK when defamation is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha...-urkk!

  6. https://twitter.com/SchmalfeldtRUs/status/720636610782564353

    Perhaps the single greatest thing about Drunkenstein is that, despite the wealth of historical evidence to the contrary, he always assumes that everyone else is dumb, as opposed to his just be wrong.

    But alcohol gives you super powers! Everyone knows that.

    1. Oh, I thought it was Red Bull and alcohol that gave the special people their special powers!

        1. Don't forget mixing his meds in there! Hard to say what baby aspirin and Milk Dud suppositories mixed with cheap booze will do!

        2. Yeah, um, I don't assume the fat freak has had any meds prescribed since the loathsome loser's caretaker and chauffer passed away.

  7. I hate to educate the dumb fuck, but a zombies can't be fired, nor can we be reasoned with or bought off. We have one purpose in life and in this case our purpose is to mock the dumb fuck.


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