Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Hey, Don Quixote, I was just curious…do you have a progress report on your latest mission to get some poor woman fired for the naughty pictures you sent yourself?


Have you brought down that windmill yet?

Yesterday your pedobomber pal clearly surpassed you in filing a federal LOLSuit dripping with much more insanity than you usually bring to the party…on the other hand you clearly have some work to do to reach his level of unfairly getting someone terminated.

Is the pressure to perform grinding on ya, or are you just too busy making mud pies in your shorts?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Speaking of Bill Schmalfeldt, lookie at his knowledge of what perverts want to do in the girls' bathroom...

    "PERVERTS WANT TO WATCH YOUR DAUGHTER PEE AND POOP!" --Bill Schmalfeldt, April 27 2016

    1. I'd suggest it was the voice of depraved experience, but we all know Bill Schmalfeldt of St. Francis, WI, formerly of Elkridge, MD, made little boys, in particular scouts, the objects of various sexual acts, with other little boys and adults. If that's wasn't revolting enough, demented drunkenstein added urine and cameras to those "skits."

      1. Just to clarify: Is the Bill Schmalfeldt of St. Francis, WI, formerly of Elkridge, MD, who made little boys, in particular scouts, the objects of various sexual acts, with other little boys and adults (adding in urine and cameras to those "skits" for good measure) ALSO the Bill Schmalfeldt who resides at the Canticle and Juniper Courts in St. Francis Wisconsin, and ALSO the Bill Schmalfeldt who has NINE restraining orders against him, and ALSO got his Outlook email account yanked by Microsoft for illegal activity (malware &/or childporn)?

        THAT Bill Schmalfeldt?

        1. Yes, that Bill Schmalfeldt, who resides at Canticle and Juniper Courts, in St. Francis, WI, who remains unemployed and unemployable, having been fired even from unpaid, or paid by the click, attempts at writing. Keep in mind, the admittedly dementia-addled Bill Schmalfeldt wasn't fired for being a talentless hack, or even for being stupid. No, Bill Schmalfeldt was fired from unpaid positions for trolling, attacking, and being generally repugnant in the comments. It was an anal rape fantasy or admission and attacks in the comments that got Bill Schmalfeldt banned from left wing Daily KOS, and Bill Schmalfeldt has been banned from most of the sites ever fouled with that vile presence. Being "fired" from unpaid "jobs" and "fired" from left wing sites takes a special kind of awful.

          The National Parkinson's Foundation never hired Bill Schmafeldt, instead, according to the loathsome loser, the fat freak actually paid them by collecting "hundreds of dollars" for them, yet they also fired Bill Schmalfeldt. In fact, they apparently felt their brand was so damaged by the association, they demanded Bill Schmalfeldt stop using their name in promotional materials. See #4, here where Bill Schmalfeldt basically avers under penalty of perjury to being so loathsome a national charity doesn't even want to take money from the loser, or the amount wasn't worth the damage to their brand caused by being associated with Bill Schmalfeldt.

          You can get an idea of why things like being "fired" from using Outlook email services is a common theme in the wasted, miserable existence of Bill Schmalfeldt by reviewing what it refers to as "skits" and put into the public record in multiple vexatious and harassing FAILsuits. Bill Schmalfeldt thinks it's "funny" to describe boy scouts having sex with each other and with adults; funny for them to urinated upon; and funny for an adult to photograph children engaged in these acts, both willingly and unwillingly. See exhibits 1 and 2 beginning on page 13, here.

          TL;DR: Bill Schmafeldt is depraved. No wonder Bill Schmalfeldt has been so roundly rejected by those who've had the misfortune to become aware of the loathsome loser's existence, and it's no wonder why Bill Schmalfeldt has never laid eyes on most of its grandchildren. After reading those transcripts would you let Bill Schmalfeldt near a child?

    2. He's utterly incapable of thinking for himself, isn't he? The Party dictates his every belief.

      1. But, but, but.... we are eeevil horrible RWNJs who all take our orders from Trump!

        Then why did I NOT vote for Trump? Hmmmm.

      2. He depends on the govt for his very existence. Democrats are the one that want everyone to have "free" stuff, hence Bill sells his soul to them so they will keep a roof over his head and JWR in his liver while people that actually work for a living get hosed for it.

    1. THIS.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has zero standing to lecture others on how to protect the very children THEY are committed to raising, loving, providing for, and keeping safe.

      Tis not a mystery as to why the children he opted to abandon have made the very prudent decision to keep this creepy, deadbeat "Dad" away from his grandchildren.


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