OK Folks…Get To Stretching!


WHOOMP!  There it is!

There are new LULZ on PACER from the Dreadful pro se Schmalfeldt.

REMEMBER:  no whining allowed.  Only Pointage, Laughery and Mockification.  Preferably it should be CLEARLY MARKED AS SUCH so as not to confuse the poor pro se monkey.  For instance, what follows here is Mockification.


The big fun happens at paragraph 26:

26.  Statements made about Kimberlin in Walker’s Opposition, paragraphs 26-32, and seven of the exhibits attached to Walker’s opposition are not germane to this case and by right should be ignored by the Court.

27.  Statements made about Kimberlin in Walker’s Opposition, paragraphs 26-32, and seven of the exhibits attached to Walker’s opposition are not germane to this case and by right should be ignored by the Court.

28.  Statements made about Kimberlin in the Johnnie Walker Red Opposition, paragraphs 26-32, and seven empty fifths in the Plaintiff’s kitchen wastebasket are not true German Dirty Schnitzel by right should be imbibed by the Court.

29.  Statements made about Jack Daniels being a dull boy because all he does is work at repeating paragraphs 26-32, and the Plaintiff’s creepy attachment to Kimberlin’s backside like a remora on a shark have nothing to do with elephants and are thus irrelephant to this case and by left should be ignored by the Court because if four repetitions of the same paragraph haven’t convinced the Court that I am a Dreadful Pro Se and the rules and procedures of this Court frighten and confuse me, maybe five will. Is anyone else getting a pro bono right now?

30.  All plays are dull and Jack has to work its way into paragraphs 26-32, and I’m not playing around, boy!

31.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

32.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

UPDATE – Judge Joseph has reacted to the latest filings by the Dreadful pro se:


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “OK Folks…Get To Stretching!”

  1. How do I know that this is going to be the Greatest Filing of All?

    Boom, indeed!

    1. Greatest.
      OF ALL TIME!

      That fucker DID IT! He ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATED HE KNOWS FUCKING COMEDY!! And when Aaron wins his sanctions, I may need a lulz muscle transplant.

      Holy Shit, I am going to be in traction for a week reading those filings..

      Way to go DUMBFUCK!! Wile E Coyote bows to your dumbfuckery and buffoonery..

  2. So, Bill Schmalfeldt submits a request to the court that Aaron Walker be disqualified, and add exhibits from and about Brett Kimberlin to "help" his motion. Aaron Walker replies, and adds exhibits which show that Brett Kimberlin is a liar and a convicted serial bomber. So Bill then responds, and complains that Aaron's exhibits are about Brett, and have nothing to do with Aaron's clients. So Bill is trying to say: "See - he is defending himself against the current attack against him, and not against the original attack against his clients. He is not representing his clients!"

    And: "What I tell you six times is true!" (regardless of whether it is or not.)

  3. And I just want to go on record as saying that Bill Schmalfeldt's continuing insistence that Brett Kimberlin was not responsible for Carl DeLong's death, when the courts have ruled explicitly that Brett is responsible for Carl's death, is not only a lie, but right up there in the top 5 of despicable, reprehensible, lowlife things that Bill has ever done.

  4. Paragraph 36 (not really 36, but Bill can't fucking count, either): Bill states that the court should ignore the argument to strike sealed documents, because they were already published and Bill was the one to publish them (i.e. I did it before, so you can't punish me when I do it again!)

  5. I think the motions are a masterpiece of LULZ. After a bit though, you start to wonder that when he writes "Walker says" over and over again whether he is really responding to the bottle of JWR on the table.

  6. So Billy actually directs the Court to check out this webpage?
    The one with the sentence, "Another change to his routine is seeking help from the Maryland courts to stop harassment by Kimberlin associate Bill Schmalfeldt."?

    DUMBFUCK has out-DUMBFUCKED himself this time.


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