Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

And no one forgets that better than you.

But you dance purty.

Dance, monkey! DAAAAAAAAANCE!!!

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. So in 45 minutes I have to interview a kid who already has an offer from a different company. Anybody got a sawzall?

        1. Hm, Hoge IS suing Billy for defamation. I wonder whether Nancy and Kathleen and Rebecca and... would be viable subjects of subpoenas.

      1. I hear ya, AJ. Those Chicago Electric sawzalls will. NOT. die. lol!

        Hubby and I bought one specifically for the purpose of hacking through huge, long roots from a huge, tall tree we had removed. Knowing full well we would be sawing into soil and rocks and roots and whatnot, we wanted a cheapie one that we figured would most likely burn up and burn out before the root-removal project was even complete. Then... oh well. Go buy another cheapie one, right?

        Nope. That was eight, maybe nine, years ago now. And, we continue to break out that same sawzall for any-and-every nasty hacking project we run across around the homestead.

        We have put that thing through hell.


    And Billy continues to lie to Nancy and Kathleen. And hurl threats.

  3. I had my own sawzall before getting married. It's a handy little toy for anyone who has the intellectual and physical ability to use such things.

  4. Completely unrelated to anything else here... am currently watching a live-streaming talk by the CEO of my employer (a major telecomm, you'd know the company if I named it) as he talks about the future.

    I swear, he just used the phrase "embrace the power of 'and.'"

    1. We had our corporate office all-hands yesterday. I spent the executive speeches re-reading "The Colour of Magic".

      I didn't hear "embrace the power of and", but the CEO showed a gee-whiz future video and asked "wouldn't all that make your life easier?"

      No, it wouldnt, because I have to build it and keep it running.

      1. [i]No, it wouldnt, because I have to build it and keep it running.[/i]

        Please don't shrug anytime soon...

  5. Given the news of the day from Brussels; hey Willy, are you still happy sticking up for Islamists?

    1. Of course he is, because his Pedo Hero is. William "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt has NO ideology other then what his handlers tell him to have. He's an easily manipulated fool who will follow whoever is telling him he's a good boy this week.

  6. I clearly cannot be Krendler because I have no clue what a sawzall is (though I COULD guess). Mechanical devices more complex than a light switch confound me.

    Too bad. It would have been fun to be Krendler from time to time, but if it involves sharp instruments, I'd probably decapitate myself.

    1. Here you go:

      It's called a Sawzall because it pretty much does.

        1. Actually, Canuckamuk, a more accurate comparison would be using the name Tylenol, not aspirin. Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, Tylenol is acetaminophen. I know, hypertechnical!

        2. Let's be even more pedantic (I know, eye rolls!), as aspirin is the common generic name of the drug. Bayer is a brand name of aspirin, like Tylenol is a brand name of acetaminophen.

          When I lived in Texas, I was at a party and a co-worker asked me if I wanted a Coke. I said, no, I'll take a ginger ale. She looked at me as if to say "You Yankees are stupid." To her, all soda (or pop) was called Coke, and then you refine it further by brand/flavor. To her and others of the area, Coke =/= Coca-Cola (even though it was on their cans, and not on the cans of anybody else).

        3. AG:

          I knew a girl from Dallas who did exactly that--called all soft drinks Coke.

          In San Antonio I said I'd lost my pop and they thought I meant that my Dad had died.

          But then shortly after, he did, so there's that....

  7. So are the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's "defenders" still lurking and cluelessly and rudely popping off around here?

    Have they found their way to the Artisan Craft Blog yet?

    If the ever-so-classy "fuck you loosers" Nancy is still interested in everything eleventy!!1!!1! -- this post highlights a few of BS's greatest hits:

    Since the ever-so-classy "fuck you loosers" Nancy was all upset and stuff over a few comments referring to BS's wife... maybe she would be particularly interested in the tweet to RSM where BS not only threatened to contact Stacy's wife, but then proceeded to do just that... NUMEROUS times.

    But, remember... wives are off limits -- just ask the Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt.

    1. Nancy Klosinski really wrote "fuck you loosers" on a public blog? Sounds like she and Bill "child porn" Schmalfeldt share the same DNA. 😛

      If Nancy would google “Bill Schmalfeldt,” she’d quickly realize she's skating on very thin ice. I know I wouldn’t want my name google-associated with Billy’s bloodlust for “anal rape, child sex, threatening people with the loss of their jobs and children, and hounding people with frivolous lawsuits.” Not to mention threatening assault and battery with baseball bats or clawing people’s eyes out. Or Billy’s free use of words like “cunt,” “twat,” “whore,” “slut,” “pussy,” etc etc etc.

      Nancy needs to ask herself: How on earth does a guy rack up 9 restraining orders in a half-dozen states?! You really think this scumbag Bill Schmalfeldt is innocent?!


    If only Fat Bastardson would realize that himself he wouldn't be suing anyone.


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