Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

You might think watching a monkey try to fuck a football is hilarious, but only because you’ve never been able to watch yourself doing the same.

Watching a DANCING MONKEY TODDLERSTALKER named Bill Schmalfeldt try to fuck a football, or as we in the Horde prefer to call it “pro se YET ANOTHER LULZSUIT into oblivion” is even more hilarious.

Please continue.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. What's even funnier is watching the monkey smoke a post-coital cigarette!

  2. Dumbfuck's recent foray into comparing people to fictional characters sounds like the makings of an amusing game we all can play, without his auto-fail instinct of course.

    We can propose which fictional character he most closely resembles.

    I think he's like the Union soldier that shows up to loot Tara in Gone With The Wind. Love how Scarlett cured him.

    1. The obvious fictional character is Moby Dick, but that's not fair to whales.

      Knobby Knobs is too classy.

      1. Oh, clearly self-titled happy my wife died theMerryWidower is Ahab, but in this iteration with two metaphorical white whales, and arguably maybe even a third.

  3. Wait - so a Pro-Se litigant DUMBFUCK who has yet to get a case past a Motion to Dismiss - because he doesn't understand FRCP - is telling us that Aaron Walker, a lawyer in good standing and can practice law in a Federal District Court, and said lawyer has beaten the pro-se litigant DUMBFUCK's "loosely collective" pedo friend at every turn in court, is pretending or is unqualified?

    The facts are demonstratively clear that Aaron Walker is not only a competent lawyer, as his successful defense of the Pedo Bomber's vexatious litigation, but is also making mincemeat of the Fat Dumbfuck to the woodshed.

    And Bill cannot deny these facts. He knows them to be true because they are in the public record and domain. So he is going to lie, do so in a defamatory way, and because DUMFUCK can't stop stepping on its crank (how the fuck does he still have one?) what is DUMBFUCK going to do when he loses this court case with prejudice while never getting to a jury? Is he going to finally admit that Aaron is a formidable lawyer and offer corrections to his libelous reporting?

    Pretty sure he will continue to take DUMBFUCK stupidity to new levels.

    And this is why people laugh at him.

  4. I wish you guys would stop saying a put on golf cleats to stomp my junk. I WISH I was that flexible.

    No, I just use a meat tenderizer. It's a whole lot easier.

    Plus I don't even play golf. Too much like exercise.


    And here I thought it was the Johnny Walker that kept it going. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it still is.

  6. Fucking a football?? I did not know that was a thing. Never crossed my mind until now. Hey, if it is something Willie is into, it will keep him off the Internet part of the time so this should be a no-go zone.

    1. What do you call Billy Schmalfeldt trying to fuck a football?


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