Oh, Dear!

What will DUMBFUCK do if it gets TWO TWEETS?

More to the point, how will that enhance the STERLING REPUTATION?

And are “Famiies” what you regret alienating when you’ve had to much Johnnie Waker Red?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Oh, Dear!”

  1. 1. How will he know who he has "positively" identified?
    2. Whoever would see it, posted on his blog du jour, anyway?

    1. Awesome questions both, davidd!

      Perhaps we should compile a complete list of William's confirmed, undisputed faldoxxes. Maybe he'll redoxx those folks.

      And then we can see if a DUMFUCK has the sack to leave that blog up until December 23rd.

      Does anyone think that he will? Anyone?

  2. Let's see if I understand his position.

    He can say whatever he believes, without any credible evidence, about others and their families, but if one of us believes, with an equal lack of credible evidence, that his last wife's job at the zoo was being a fuck toy for chimpanzees and boa constrictors, that person cannot express that opinion. Do I get the gist?

    His whining about the sanctity of his wife is backed by no evidence, and the asservations that his last wife was a truck stop whore are backed by AT LEAST the same quality of evidence as his asservations that Lynn Thomas is Krendler. Hey, he swore under penalty of perjury that Grady was Krendler (before Lynn Thomas was). Peoples' beliefs are not defamatory. (Just to make it clear I personally do not believe his last wife was a whore: as his own photos show, she was far too ugly to earn a dime in that trade.)

    1. Well, Jeff, you don't get to be a DUMBFUCK by accident. It isn't just dumb luck (see what I did there?)

      No, being a proper DUMBFUCK involves several factors; including dementia, alcoholism, unwarranted ego, chronic stupidity and very possibly centuries of inbreeding. Sometimes those factors combine to put you on a European throne, but more often than not you just wind up an angry mope with multiple restraining orders and a life in a Milwaukee welfare hostel.

      How Cindy makes it through those "coffees" (which you and I would call "self-pitying harangues" without hanging herself is well beyond my ability to comprehend. If there's a real hero in this twisted saga, it's probably her. We've all heard Schmalfeldt piss and moan about how unfair life is, but none of us wound up with his idiot spittle on our cheek in the process.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go work on my upcoming opera, "Truck Stop Dolly." It's just like "Memoirs of a Geisha" but t takes place in a trailer and it's cockeyed.

        1. That will be one of the surprises, each of them more surprising than the one before it!

          I'll show Andrew Lloyd Webber, that poncy asshole ...

    2. (Before anyone asks, I provide computer and network expertise to the local "sex crimes" police unit. Gratis.)

      There are a great many women, uglier than Cousin Bill's late wife, who earn a living as hookers.

      Never discount the freak trade, JeffM...

      1. I admit that I have led a sheltered life in a small town. The least attractive whore I ever knew was called Fat Fay. But she was not downright repulsive, just fifty pounds overweight. And she was mobile, unconfined by tubes and all.

        When I went into the city, there were indeed signs for Live Nudes, so perhaps there were more discreet places catering to odder tastes. I mean, why else specify that the nudes in a particular establishment were alive if that were not a universal attribute.

        My only information on the whole topic comes from Howard, and he has never referenced the freak trade, at least not so far as I noticed.

      2. Oh my God, I have given Witless Willie the info to dox me. He just needs to find a town that once housed a whore with the name of Fat Fay and still houses someone with the first name of Jeff and a last name starting with the letter M.

  3. I want to thank Bill from the bottom of my heart for the Christmas present of those two tweets.

    Thank you bill, very much.

  4. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainRadio/status/675883233876254721

    So, this is the mark of this thing that calls itself a man. That it had the balls to stand up for Brett "The Speedway Bomber" Kimberlin against people who were ganging up on him by telling the truth about that tiny terrorist, drug dealing, diddling, probable grandma murdering forger, perjurer and all around scamming degenerate. But that's not the telling part. The telling part is that the little sawed off psychopath openly laughs at our poor Blob in the courtroom while he's stepping on his dick, and Blob is still willing to go all in on him.

    What. A. DUMBFUCK.

      1. The right to not pay the judgements against him? The right to bury his past as a terrorist?

    1. He seems to have forgotten (or perhaps never realized) that being on the losing side does not make someone a saint.

      1. It's the only side he's ever been on, so it's all he knows.
        Of course he thinks the "losing" side is sainted...


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