I Made a Wrong Turn Near Inyokern

Those naughty wrong turns. I would like to take a moment to apologize to anyone named Sarah Goodman who I thought might be our Dread Zombie Princess, Ashterah, or Sarah Rose.

I missed one turn and wound up at an incorrect address, and for that I am sorry.

Faildox-2The thing that I missed is that the SCA member who, on Facebook, calls herself Sarah Rose, who in the SCA refers to herself as Syele von Dampach, also took part in SCA when she lived in California, in the Kingdom of Caid. Inyokern is smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Caid, where young Sarah ******* was born on a warm day in September, 19xx.

And there she lived and grew (and HOW!) according to her old blog, http://sheeple-rage.blogspot.com/


Let me quote.

“Thursday, September 07, 2006
Happy birthday to me!
Tomorrow is my birthday. And my body has decided to give me a present – 41 pounds lost since surgery! Whoo-hoo! I am so not going to complain about this. This means that I’m down to 274. I haven’t been this size since Thing Two was about a year old. I just need to keep it up. And when the hell are the clothes sizes going to start going down? Aaagh! I’ll take the poundage lost, though.”

Well. Sarah lived in California until early this year, according to InstantCheckmate.com. Then she was off to Reidsville, NC where, to this day, SARAH R. ******, using the same avatar as she uses as Ashterah, her middle name being “Rose,” which gives her a much classier name when she Facebooks as Syele von Dampach, And her birthdate even matches!

Sarah P. ******

xxx **** St

**********, NC xxxxx

DOB: September 8, 19xx (xx years old)

So, again my apologies to anyone named Sarah Goodman. I was wrong, and for that I am contrite as can be.

Nobody should be wrongfully compared to Sarah Rose ******.


Now, if you will recall, Sarah and I had a lovely conversation back in June when she thought I was George Howell. She revealed the real name of “Paul Krendler.”

So, Dread Pirate Zombie Princess Morgana, Ashterah, Sheeple Rage, or whoever the hell else you are…


Don’t you think it’s time to drop the curtain on this little matinee?

I do.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “I Made a Wrong Turn Near Inyokern”

      1. Repeating a faildox, even with redactions, still looks like a faildox. There was no stinger that turned it back onto Bill.

      2. If someone "revealed" the real name of Krendler last June, then why has he accused 4 different people since that time of being Krendler. Unless the whole point of making the accusation is so that he can stalk/harass people he doesn't like.

      3. Did he just admit to perjury ?

        If he knew Krendler's real name back then, but has named several others in court documents, that would be wilfully lying to the courts.

        Oopsie poopsie

        But then that would mean he got this dox right, and as Ralph Wiggums would say "that's unpossible"

  1. This is awfully strange behavior toward people you think are trying to kill you.

    Oh wait, he's just trying to get The Lovely And Talented Cindy (MOMMY!!!!) to think people are trying to kill him.

    One wonders what young Master Thomas Balcerak thinks of his Dear Old Stepdaddy's behavior.

  2. HZIC, as you can see from the comments, people do not realize that this is an edited excerpt from yet another trademark BS faildox. I think you need to put a bolded explanatory paragraph right at the top, otherwise it will look like you are the jerk, instead of placing the "credit" for this squarely at his feet.

  3. Awww, Just a Matinee? I thought I was worth at least an evening showing. Damn the luck!

    Just one more example of Bill Schmalfeldt and his sense of vengeance. All for the crime of QUOTING HIM ACCURATELY. How many people are you going to doxx as me, Bill? When do you admit that you are an epic pot of FAIL?

    Keep racking up those restraining orders! lololol

    1. Despite repeated requests, Blob still has never identified any of the allegedly defamatory statements you've made about him, has he? Pretty much an admission that it is you who've nailed him and not the other way around. Just like your failure to deny his assertion is an admission that he's found you. Isn't that right Ms. Goodman?

    2. Just wait until he picks up the (false) trail that leads him to the Mafia moll!

      He won't need the rolly-walker after they get done with him...or his keyboard.

  4. So I looked at the original page. Looks to me like Bill has dragged someone else into his mess:

    "Deep Brain Radio programs are co-owned by Bill Schmalfeldt and BBS Radio"

    I wonder if BBS Radio goes along with doxxing people...

  5. Would publishing someone else's full contact info and photos be a violation of the blog hosting service TOS? This has nothing to do with the lack of accuracy of the dox, it's a privacy violation, no?

    1. Third one this week, right? Third person whose privacy was violated, third person targeted and attacked by Bill Schmalfeldt, who is already an infamous and adjudicated cyberstalker and harasser through no less than 7 restraining orders (not counting multiple other applications that didn't quite meet the high threshold of proof required), and the week is only half over.

      I do hope law enforcement warns these victims about the dangers inherent in having their personal information gathered and splashed all over the internet, as well as their current victimization by a repeat offender, Bill Schmalfeldt, and advises them about their rights and remedies. I hope they explain that Bill Schmalfeldt has been diagnosed with dementia, and that Bill Schmalfeldt describes it as "advanced PD dementia" to emphasize the mental instability of the malignant monster, to encourage them to take immediate legal action.

      Looks like happy its wife died themerrywidower is trying to break into double digits in restraining orders this week. I hope at least one state includes criminal penalties. Preferably a very cold one. And that doesn't heat their jails much.

  6. One of the reasons I've always wished that one of the lulzsuits made it to the trial stage (other than the obvious lulz) is to see the Faildoxxer-in-Chief try to argue invasion of privacy with a straight face.

    Don't let me be misunderstood. I'm sure that William would maintain a straight face. It's everybody else in the courtroom that might have a problem.

    I also doubt that he'd be able to show up sober.

  7. So, what the hell was his point? That he can dox some rando' in NC? He really doesn't understand that his confirmation bias is absolute! He is completely incapable of accepting even the concept that he is wrong.

    Good GOD ALMIGHTY, he IS getting dumber every day.

    1. Exactly, Gus. Happy its wife died Themerrywidowerwas absolutely certain of each one, and so far, all were/are wrong. Oh, but the next one, that will be the right one...

      Yes, dumber by the day, also Bill Schmalfeldt appears more addled by the diagnosed dementia. *hic*

  8. So Schmalfeldt is the son of a whore. His father and both brothers are pillow biting male sex workers. He marries an ugly fucking truck stop whore. And everyone else is the problem?

    Good afternoon, officer(s).


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