Welcome to DUMBFUCK Academy!

Where you too can learn to be beaten like a dog’s balls and get your chained yanked several times a day as a bonus!

With your instructor, Foghorn Leghorn.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Welcome to DUMBFUCK Academy!”

  1. But .. but ... I was told that the Squire of Boone's Farm finally "got" you and that you were "hiding."

    Could he have been wrong and prematurely started his victory lap, y'know, again?

  2. I thought for sure that all of The Blob's online research skills had finally caught up to the HZIC. Everyone knows that to reach the level of GS-13 in any federal agency is the equevlent of an MBA and a JD in private industry and the rank of 4 star General in our military. It was only a matter of time that Paul Krendler's true identity was revealed by the intellectually superior BS.

    So imagine my surprise when I found out that Bill got played again. While PK makes this stuff look easy, please DO NOT try this at home. He is a trained profession.

    1. Heh. Corky from 'Life Goes On' could make it look easy. Because it is. You don't even have to set the boy up. Just wait for him to make a stupid assumption, which he always will, and then run with it. You can simultaneously tell him you're just fucking with him, and play outrageous characters, and he'll just ignore the part where you tell the truth.

      1. I'll note that I told him *exactly* what was happening, and Cousin Bill not only did not believe me, he mocked me.

        I confidently predict that we will PWN him again, sooner rather than later.

        Delicious, delicious LULZ...


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