Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

When DUMBFUCK is your best friend, EVERY day is a very bad day.

Congratulations & Godspeed Mrs. S.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. So, his latest faildox is both a student in Boston and an employee in New York? He doesn't seem to have thought this one out. Or it could just be his usual crappy writing which leaves out important details which might make his story at least slightly believable.

    Yes, embrace the power of "and".

    1. He proves on a daily basis why he had to leave in short order from just about every job he's ever held. Only the govt (Navy and Civil Service) seemed to be able to overlook his manifest incompetence.

      1. What was his job in the Navy? Target drone? Punching bag? Bollard? Tranny decoy?

  2. How Bill sees his FailDox technique:

    1. Yesterday, Vincent was supposed to be either me or Howard. He doesn't seem as sure of that now.


    That would be significantly more inviting if even ONE of William's lulzsuits made it past the Motion to Dismiss stage. So far, not one has.

    Of course, i'd have to check with Ely.

    In short, SCOREBOARD!

    Lulzsuit the First - Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al:(federal) Withdrawn due to an abundance of cowardice.

    Lulzsuit the Second - Hoge v. Schmalfeldt (counterclaim): Dismissed with prejudice due to a settlement William almost immediately violated.

    Lulzsuit the Third - Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al (federal) Dismissed due to stupidity, not understanding the doctrine of "diversity of citizenship."

    Lulzsuit the Fouth - Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al (state) Dismissed due to stupidity, not understanding the concept of jurisdiction.

    Pssst, I don't think anyone's intimidated, William.

  4. Yeah, of course. Of course, if I was going to make a blog about some guy's dead wife supposedly getting cancer from breathing the fumes from his diapers, I would of course use the same 'handle' on that blog as on my other social media. That's iron-clad proof, right there, because there's just no way somebody would just go on the internet and use a fake name. Lying on the internet not only isn't allowed, it's just not done.


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