Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

I know a guy who’s been asking you to do that for over two years.  Why don’t you go first?



Either way, this is how simple it is:



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I have the right to comment on things Bill Schmalfeldt broadcasts in public.
    I have the right to comment on Bill Schmalfeldt's public tweets.
    I have the right to comment on Bill Schmalfeldt's public blog posts.
    I have the right to comment on Bill Schmalfeldt's public podcats.
    I have the right to comment on Bill Schmalfeldt's public lawsuits.
    I have the right to share my opinion about Bill Schmalfeldt's words and actions.
    The fact that Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't like my opinions is immaterial. He can go pound sand.
    The fact that my opinions cause Bill Schmalfeldt to experience butthurt is immaterial. He can go pound sand.
    There is not one legal thing Bill Schmalfeldt can do to stop me from sharing my opinions on what he has made public.
    In closing, fuck off, Bill Schmalfeldt.

  2. Grouchcast ‏@Grouch365 6m6 minutes ago
    Nearly 400 criminal charges, one trial (not guilty), a federal copyright lawsuit, but I'M the one bothering HOGE!

    The sheer amount of anti-self-awareness is staggering.

    GS.... 13, huh?

    1. Even knowing our Bill, that one makes one go WTF? Why the heck does he think those "nearly 400" charges were filed? I guess he wants us to believe that LE just made them up for fun, and they blindly drew two names out of a hat to be randomly assigned the roles of "harasser" and "victim"./sarc

      1. The Human Stain that is Bill thinks no one who comes across his blathering on Twitter would be able to see the history that show his claims to be bovine excrement.

        too bad for him the internet is forever.

    2. What, he seems pretty self aware.

      Nearly 400 criminal charges, duly earned, most forgiven by Hoge in his naivete from the dim years when he thought Bill had any honor whatsoever.

      One trial, not guilty because the judge bought your enabling methodology "I can save her!!! I'm a seniour NIH PR flack! I know people! I let them drill into my brain (where they found little resistance).. I can spare her various debilitating illnesses by providing access to first rate cures, such as dialysis..."

      And yes, every time you try to contact Hoge, who has asked you to not contact him for any reason, and has sued you for "offering" to "help" him with his wife's disease, YOU are the one bothering HOGE!!!!! Do you need mile high letters of flame? Because the EPA permits are a bitch. And Greenpeace is after you for the CO2 signiture, even if you use natural gas, and then if you use safe, clean, fission powered neon they're even WORSE!

      1. What, he seems pretty self aware.

        He's un-self-aware. Intentionally.

        You have to admit, that takes mad skilz.

  3. I see he is now poking his nose into the Ali thing. He's also getting called out since he keeps telling everyone to keep their nose out of his business while he continues to poke his nose into everyone else's.

    A more foul lying hypocritical piece of crap you won't find.

    1. his way of saying that Vinnie is the person he refers to as tapeworm, which shockingly - is inccorect

    2. Actually, on the gailschmalfeldt blog, one of the posts suggests she died of that as a result of all the piles of droppings that DUMBFUCK left all over the trailer. Or something.

      Obviously, because I know this, and certainly not because DUMBFUCK is the world champeen of oversharers, I must be Vinnie.

      1. It is something else how info that he himself has put out on the web, or at least pointed out could only be known by the person who posted it, and no one else in the entire world could possibly have read the post/webpage/comment.

        Cross examination would be fascinating, and require many bowls of popcorn for the spectators, and for that matter, the jury if there was one.


    DUMFUCK, you can't defame the dead and you can't blaspheme the less than ordinary. Your butthurt is not sanctified and the Court will not give a fuck about your wildly inflated sense of self-worth.

    Get over yourself. You ain't all that and there is no bag of chips.

    1. Let's see.

      I was going to type this long list, but then everyone here knows the truth of it. Bill has never left family out of it, routinely attacking others family members while they at most acknowledge the existance of Bill's wife. He contacts others family members, especially wives, athough I do not believe that anyone has ever even tried to contact his wife.

      I hope that some day he will have to pay for his misdeeds, and I just hope that I am there to see it happen.

    2. Blasphemy is neither a crime nor a tort. Even in the foreign lands where it is, it doesn't cover his wife.

    3. Oh, good grief. Not even "blaspheming" his wife... BUT, "blaspheming" the MEMORY of his wife.

      Who the hell is responsible for convincing this "journamalist/writer/editor" -- whatever he claims to be -- that he gets to assign whatever definition he would like to whichever words he would like?

      Is GS some deity now? The Church of Schmalfeldt? (May the real Lord help us if that ever becomes a reality.)

  5. O/T, but I do believe that I would like to know Howard's identity even more than it would. I would love to send him his choice of any gift basket on the planet! Btw, that is one hideous avatar buddy...keep up the good work.

  6. Oops. You said "gift" basket -- not "fruit" basket. But, I stand by the rest of my comment. Beer makes a wonderful gift. lol!

  7. Grady has responded to Bill amended complaint, check the archive for a copy.


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