Say There, DUMBFUCK!

I heard she’s naming names too!

In particular, she’s naming Bill Schmalfeldt, and following that with things like “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, YOU PSYCHOPATHIC VEGETABLE!” 

(That may be a loose paraphrase…)

Bill Schmalfeldt harassment

But it’s pretty clear that no one is playing along with DUMBFUCK’s fantasies.

He needs to…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

53 thoughts on “Say There, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Miss Debbie Snack-Cakes is a lesbian, and would be insulted - nay, sexually harassed! - by that notion.

      Besides, ewwww!

      1. I'm pretty sure Bill can pass for a mentally-ill lesbian.

    1. Filing false police reports is a misdemeanor, but will still have jail time. Don't drop the soap.

  1. Oh I just figured you you are supposed to be Grady. Bill be so dumb I post screen sots of his harassment. Look what he claims to have sent ti the Davidson Country Sheriffs department. The cyber-crimes division are well aware of who I am and how I have been cyber-stalked for since 2007l

    1. He is incredibly dumb. It's actually a marvel as to how dumb he is. That's why we call him DUMBFUCK.

      Anyway, I'm sorry you are having to deal with the Blob up close and *shudder* personal. Be sure to disinfect your computer multiple times to rid it of his stench. And, as you are already doing, get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh as he tries and tries to make you fear for your life/house/safety/reputation, etc., etc., etc.

      Welcome to the par-tay! Popcorn is over on the sidebar, drinks are in the fridge. Pull up a chair and enjoy the show!

    2. Well, chalk up another one credited to SNITCH Schmalfeldt aka The Elkridge Horror. Only Snitch could interpret a death threat out of that. No wonder Gail refused Dialysis. It was the only way she could escape.

    3. Welcome, Jeanette. I am sorry for your troubles, particularly being targeted by a DUMBFUCK who lacks both the intelligence and the gravitas to be an effective, believable psychopath, but has built a lifelong body of online insanity that prevents anyone but him from taking him seriously.

      I am as much Grady as you are Grace - he's equally convinced of both and will not be moved. I hope you'll fight. I do so by making fun of him at every - AND I DO MEAN EVERY - possible opportunity.

      So if you want to be entertained, make The Thinking Man's Zombie a regular stop. Your friend Grace will tell you: all we have is FUN!

      1. My former stalker the phonyrev Sutter ended up in jail for filing a false police report claimed someone threatened to kill him

        I guess the loons all have the same play book

    4. My only hope is that the police were professional and waited until Bill hung up before they started laughing.

      It's usually about a fifty percent proposition..

      1. "Hey Bob, got another one. Says his wife was insulted on the internet again."
        "Did he tell his wife?"
        "No, he said she was dead."
        "I hate my job."

  2. Millard Fillmore
    Judge Crater
    Alferd Packer
    Robert Ford
    Hunter S. Thompson
    Robert S. Parker
    Edward Everett Horton
    Esme Weatherwax
    I've got plenty more if he wants 'em.


    We're working on part four of our latest feature post over at Billy Sez.

    See you there.

    1. Was he not smart enough to ask about other options? How about second opinions? I'm guessing it was just "Oh well, that's all we can do."

  3. how does Dumbfuck get that JR is Grace by JR's posting of the emails HE sent to HER??

    even for Dumbfuck that makes no sense what so ever. Seriously, someone needs to check his meds, cause that is more insane that is usual for his lying cyber harassing ass.

    1. He needs a conservator to take over his finances to make sure he doesn't waste his money. Said conservator should also consider taking away his internet to make sure his mouth stops writing checks his #%@ can't cover.

      1. He thinks he's donating his body to science, but unless somebody is studying the effects of a diet of rotting crazymeat on the population of feral cats at the local landfill...nope, sorry.

      2. Paul, I think you're right. I lost my scorecard weeks ago, and what with the surgery, I haven't gotten around to making a new one. Anyway, given how frequently things change, I'm not sure there's much point. 😀

      3. Actually, I would serve as conservator for my Cousin Bill, to make sure he's properly cared for - it's the Christian thing to do.

        Don't think he'd like it, though, kind as I may be...

    2. The modus operandi:

      1. Make a crazy accusation;

      2. Pretend it is true until its harassment value drops to zero.

      3. ???

      4. PROFIT!!!

      Given his proclivities, are you surprised his business plan resembles that of the Underpants Gnomes?

      1. You forgot a step.
        5. Bring up the crazy accusation again when it makes sense billogically and especially when making an apology.

    3. I think he's so delusional that whatever he believes becomes Truth in his head, incontrovertible fact, and a rock he can build upon.

      Pity that none of the above ever work out.

      Also, the only person tormenting him is him.

  4. So JR posts an imgur link to Bill's cray cray emails over at Hogewash.
    Grady Grace Roy Hooooooooooge GM Krendlerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr copies the imgur images over here but yet somehow Bill thinks the only way someone can get something that has already been published and linked to is for it to be sent to them.

    That explains why Bill thought the only people that copies of his signature had to be Grady and Hoge even though Bill published it himself on the web.

    Is he really that stupid or does he just play at it?

    1. He just plays at it. I suspect that Willie is the smartest of the bunch at TK, a low bar to be sure, but the only way he can get the attention that he simply must have is to play the fool. A person who uses his brains to look dumb is truly a DUMBFUCK.

    2. When I was a psych Tech (like a specialty trained LVN for psych and DD patients) working in a SoCal hospital we has a lot of patient like him, stupid and mentally ill, no insight jumped to outrageous conclusions.

      It sucks to dumb and crazy


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