15 thoughts on “Well, They Say You Should "Write What You Know"”

    1. drips .... like truckers’ spooge from his Skeletor’s chin

      Having seen Bill's behavior for the last year or so, this brought an image to mind too easily.

      I swear, they must have performed a partial lobotomy when they did his brain surgery

  1. Suddenly afflicted with a weak stomach for debate, CBBS blocked me in response to this tweet:
    I want to add that he's keeping later hours than he usually does.

    I can see why an ordinary person would be uncomfortable, unwilling to talk, and sleepless due to his deeds. Perhaps those same reactions were also felt by Lee Stranahan when Bill:
    - Posted 100+ largely disgusting messages per day to Lee after being asked not to
    - Posted Lee's personal information online
    - Posted rape and sexual fantasies about Lee's family
    - Made false bad faith reports to CPS
    - Made false bad faith reports to various law enforcement agencies
    This is what Bill means by "Investigating" above. And it is direct and coordinated retaliation for posting true facts about his pedophile bomber hero's awful, disgusting history.

    Many of CBBS's posts warrant a one line response, which is simply, to link to http://leestranahan.com/bill-schmalfeldt-the-stranger-who-harassed-my-family/ . Another overall response is to post true facts about CBBS's pedophile bomber hero. This should be done in the spirit of aiding the victims of this Team of criminal harassers.

    1. Remember when Bill "buried the hatchet" with Lee?

      I think it was two days before Willy was attacking him again.

      Good times....

  2. You fooled be. When I saw the headline to this post I was sure I would see a copy of his last tweet yesterday:

    "A Feature Length Film About Madness And Revenge"

    But what you posted was even better.

  3. Lousy rotten box-unchecker needs to fry. If we don't brutally smack down this filthy unchecker of boxes our society will be overrun with unchecked boxes of all sorts. "Check" him right now with complete and total prejudice. Down with empty boxes!!!

    1. But the prosecution of a simpleton with stage xxxiv Parkinson's disease? A simpleton that can't even lift his arms to check a box?

      Booohoooo. Shakey. Tell it to the bowtie.

    2. Kyle, I think you have it wrong, he forgot to uncheck a box, so he isn't an unchecker, he's a non-unchecker.

      Which, as you know as a felon, a non-unchecker is below child molesters in the prison hierarchy.

      1. gosh you're right. I didn't notice the difference.

        Now that you point it out it reminds me of a story I once heard about a little boy who refused to uncheck boxes and his parents were lazy and didn't bother to teach him to uncheck boxes, and you know who that little boy grew into? Adolf Hitler that's who. And now you know why we have utterly stamp out this box non-unchecking menace once and for all.

  4. Fear pee - flow like river - Judge no understand - boy scout rape good - unsold books good - no download audio good - Hoge bad - Krendler Bad - Howard scare me - my dying wish - someone buy a book!


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