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  1. Crime is society's business. Oh, and how were the Stranahans any of BS's business? Why is he butting into a thread that did not include him?

  2. Oh, like he tried to do with Grady?

  3. Still spinning the lie about the latest peace order. Grow a set, you big dummy. You didn't show up. You are a lazy, leeching disgusting fat body.

    Take the cure, Shakey. Make a Christmas miracle.

      1. I feel so hurt and ignored. NOT! (lol) (I have got to find an emoticon to represent someone over acting being distraught with the back of their hand to their fordhead.)

        Neither they nor the FBI have bothered to come to grill me over who ordered the horse poop. I know they wouldn't bother asking who sent it, because they already know that it's some nice capitalistic Slovenian.

    1. Does he think we don't recall the circumstances of that "lie"?

      Bill Schmalfeldt needs to learn that when he fails to live up to the "quid", the "quo" goes out the window.

    2. I really wish you would drop this "the cure" stuff, it is not helpful to his victims, past present or future. It also makes it look like the attacks are two-sided, which in your case I guess they are. It's much better to discredit him by repeating his own words and actions (h/t R.S. McCain).

  4. Nope, he was NOT told that, and folks have the tweets and Hogewash blog posts to prove it. Another lie to save him from the shame of not bothering to show and getting hit with another PO.

  5. BS admits he contacted Grady's employer ... via email?

    1. Bill denies. Too bad he is a proven liar, has been adjudicated a harasser and stalker, has been banned and repudiated by both conservatives AND liberals, and is constantly (and ineptly) trying to scrub the evidence of his foul misbehavior from the 'Net.

      If it weren't for bad faith, Bill Schmalfeldt would have no faith at all.

    2. Didn't BLOB HIMSELF CLAIM he called Grady's wife?


    1. Butting in on a thread that did not include or mention him in any way, but he has to take his digs at Stranhan and Walker, and attempt to re-write history.

      1. Exactly.

        Bill Schmalfeldt seeks attention. Bill Schmalfeldt receives the attention he so desperately craves. Bill Schmalfeldt cries victim.

        Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

        Pathetic and worthless.

    2. Looks to me like he set himself off by butting into a Stranahan/Osborne convo. His typical method of picking a fight.

      Went downhill from there.

    3. The universe kept rolling along without his presence in the center.

      He's such a insufferable cunt, I can't be bothered to engage him.

      Distort, deflect, lie by omission... In other words, he's a typical lib'tard troll.

    4. I just realized why he had to go and find something to start acting up over. He finished his latest "comedy" "album", and now has to find something to occupy his time.

      Really, the dude just needs to learn to knit, start watching netflix, doing crosswords, whatever. There have to be a million things he could involve himself with which don't risk a fifth peace order.

      1. Really, all he needs to do is quit going beyond the bounds of Twitter and Blogs.

        Problem is, without his insane attacks against people's families, employment etc. and dreaming up justifications to sic authorities on those he's butthurt at... He's just be a particularly stupid and obnoxious Lib'tard on an Internet full of stupid and obnoxious Lib'tards.

        Of course, he suffers from the disadvantage all Lib'tards have.. Neither fact nor logic are on his side. Since he can't win an argument by, you know, winning the argument, he resorts to faildoxing, stalking and harassment.

        He's just too stupid to comprehend that if he insists on fucking with people's family and livelihood... He's not the only one who can drop a dime.

        He may not be planning on talking to a judge any time soon... But other folks have other plans for him, methinks.

  6. Just a word of advice. I you EVER find yourself in need of typing these specific characters in this specific order:

    "In Which I Discuss My Alleged Affinity for Raping Boy Scouts"

    you are doing something very, very wrong.

    Just. damn.

    1. I have to admit that when I first saw his feed this afternoon, I found myself wondering if someone had hijacked it, because it was hard to believe that even Bill could be that blind/dense/stupid. It certainly didn't read like someone trying to sell a legitimate product.

      1. People are supposed to find his "satire" and "humor" of value, and give him the money and attention he feels he deserves.

        Because SCHMALFELDT.

        Whenever I wonder just how he managed to develop his amazing and utterly unjustifiable sense of entitlement, I remind myself he was a federal employee.

    2. And he just doesn't get it.

      Like his "defense" of BK... Wow, BK hasn't blown anyone up since he's been let out of prison? Give him a cookie, pat him on the head, and break the news to him that sane people will find some other nice charity to support that isn't associated with a convicted terrorist and self-admitted vexatious litigant.

      1. As an ardent watcher of Brett, it's true - giving Brett a 50 year jail sentence, the criminal justice system forced Brett to maintain the longest bombing-free stretch of his entire life.

        It has been less effective in other areas, though, so additional vigilance is required. Here are just a few areas where his recidivism stands out:

        - He has produced a variety of forgeries - including exhibits submitted just this year to courts under penalty of perjury, and going back at least to his alteration of T.K.'s travel documents to make it possible for him to marry her underage.
        - He fails to honor his commitment to pay the judgment his surviving bombing victim won against him.
        - He began frivolous lawfare against enemies within a few months of being locked up, and continued it the whole time in jail, including against his bombing victim. This has actually gotten worse recently and warrants serious correction.
        - It was his pedophilia that led to the Scyphers murder and then the Speedway bombing, but Brett's pedophilia didn't get under control either. He even managed to combine his pedophilia and lawfare when, while in jail in 1987, he sued a childrens refuge administrator for opposing Brett's attempted long distance romance with a high school cheerleader who lived at the children's refuge. After let out of jail, he committed statutory rape against a 15 year old whom he brought into the country; attempted to seduce that girl's 12 year old cousin; and around that time he tried to promote two different songs he wrote about older men having sex with teenaged girls.

        Outside pressure did help a little bit in curbing SOME of Brett's criminality, such as killing the grandmas of his underaged love interests, or bombing her town. But many of the criminal habits are still in full force and we must demand full atonment and correction. Anything less is imprudent.

      2. Awesome synopsis.

        I don't pay much attention to BK's misbehavior in specifics, because I don't need any further information regarding his character.

        "Terrorist Bomber" puts you at the bottom of my list, right above traitor and child molester... Had BK chosen to live a life of quiet obscurity, working an honest job and living an honest life, I'd have no words against him. (Or for him, because, you know... TERRORIST BOMBER!)

      3. I'll try to remember to nag you to buy Citizen K via Hoge's affiliate link, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0679429999/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0679429999&linkCode=as2&tag=hoge-20

      4. Well, you could argue child molester as an accurate description too, depending on what one thinks might have been going on between BK and the Scyphers' granddaughter....

    3. If someone truly believes creating, recording, and then attempting to sell stories regarding oral and anal sex involving Boy Scouts (even when they are dementedly branded as "satire" or "parody" or "comedy") is okay is ANY way, shape, or form -- something is very, very, VERY wrong with them.

      I have never run across such a sick-and-twisted creature as Bill Schmalfeldt. The fact he cannot see the error of his ways speaks volumes. He continues to double-down as if not a thing were wrong with discussing and marketing images of children engaging in disgusting, sexual acts.

      Here's to hoping the tincan park the demented monster Bill Schmalfeldt rots his days away in is void of minors. Gotta wonder if his neighbors are aware of the garbage he pushes and markets all while trying to earn a few bucks using children and sex as the avenue.


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