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  1. Bill Schmalfeldt
    ‏@ParkinsonPundit @Harada_no_hime He did try to say using his name after a # was contact. This bastard wants me in jail or dead and he won't stop.
    4:24 PM - 13 Dec 2014

    He really doesn't seem willing to comprehend that he is completely in control of his interactions with John Hoge. If he could just figure out how to utilize some self control, none of the stuff he's accusing Hoge of trying to do could happen because he would have left Hoge alone.

    But instead, he has to act like the 3yo brat who won't stop trying to touch the hot stove, even after it's burnt him. He knows what's going to happen, but for whatever reason (or lack thereof), he just won't stop doing it, obviously preferring to complain about the consequences although he was told what would happen if he kept up his current behaviour, and those consequences were spelled out for him in black and white, in words of one syllable, on more than one occasion.

    Sadly, he's supposedly an adult now, and the other adults in the room are getting sick and tired of being expected to give him a pass on his behaviour simply because he tries to claim special victim status because of his age and infirmity.

    1. I have actually detected quite the attitude of laissez faire with you rather than anxiety. You just believe in consequences for one's actions. Unlike other people out there who think they are special snowflakes.

  2. Good grief. I ground myself from the intertubz for a couple of days in order to hyper-focus on my To-Do List for the impending holiday, and it appears I have missed many episodes of "As the Stomach Turns."

    It seems I have missed:

    Episode: "Howard is No Longer Chris Heather"
    Episode: "Howard is Now a Indigent Loser with a Skank Junkie Wife"
    Episode: "Deranged Cyberstalker Violates a Peace Order (Again)"
    Episode: "Deranged Cyberstalker is Held in Contempt (Legally and Otherwise)"
    Episode: "The Return of 'They're-Tryin'-to-Kill-Me' Bill"

    Does that pretty much sum it up?

    1. Very close.

      Episode 2 is actually titled Howard Is Still Better Off and the legal contempt in Episode 4 is still pending, technically.

      Other than that, golden.

      1. Gotcha. Many thanks, KRENNNNDLEEEEERRRRR!

        I see a new episode is earnestly being worked on:

        "How's the view from the hole you've dug into the dung pit?" -- BS

        Working title:

        Episode 6: "Projection -- Thy Name is Bill Schmalfeldt"

        Or, "Always With the Poopy Butt-Stuff."

        I look forward to the never-ending, entertainment value and lulz. 🙂

    2. Good to see you back, Grace. I sure hope you've been stretching those lulz muscles and keeping them limber. It just gets funnier from here. 😀

      1. Thanks, Grace. I mean Jane. 😉

        Ya just can't leave this place for even a day it appears. Sheesh.

        And, yes. My lulz muscles have been thoroughly limbered. I've learned my lesson well. Unlike someone else, I tend to learn from my mistakes.

      2. Yes, Jane, that person never seems to learn even from the same mistake over and over and over and over and over and... well, you/I/we get the point, right?


  3. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkinsonPundit · 18m 18 minutes ago
    Just fine, "Kredler." I can see your ultimate downfall from up here. How's the view from the hole you've dug into the dung pit?

    It seems that a contempt beef makes some people wake up really cranky.

    1. "...up here?"
      4 open orders to stop contacting, one might soon turn into judicial contempt, unsalable books and humorless comedy... And he's looking down on Krendler because he's the main suspect in the Crime of the Century: The delivery of poop?

  4. Late to the party this morning. I have been busy both subjugating my junkie skank old lady with heroin and praying for Shakey's soul at mass.

    Just kidding. We know he has no soul.

  5. Did "The Howard County Examiner" aka Blobby roll away again?

    "404 ERROR


    Can't imagine why...

    1. BTW -- It appears Blob hasn't rolled too far away, after all. The "404 Error" seems to be solely for his "The 'Pingback' for Dummies" blog post. The rest of his lies and drivel are still live and accessible.



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